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January 10, 2013
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The next chapter of "When We Stand Together!" Beware, there will be cuteness!

Disclaimer: I do NOT own TMNT NOR do I own the Fem Turtles. They belong to Dr-Innocentchild!

~~~When We Stand Together~~~

Mikey stared at his female counterpart. Her blue eyes were wide and slightly wet. Her lower lip was trembling as she pouted. Sea green hands were clasped under her chin, making her seem that more innocent. Thalia had perfected the "Puppy Dog Eyes" and while Mikey loved using them on his brothers, he NEVER thought that they would be used against him. Like right now. The older aqua turtle bit his lip as he tried to fight it. He could hear Donnie laughing, for the scientist was sitting at the kitchen table.

Mikey closed his eyes before sighing. "Okay. You win."

Thalia squealed and glomped her male counterpart. "Thanks Mikey-nii-san!"

Said turtle smiled as he watched her bustle around his kitchen. He sat down at the table where the still laughing Don was. "Shut up Don. It isn't funny." he said to his older brother.

The olive skinned turtle chuckled, "Oh yes it is Mikey. Seeing your own attack used against you? Priceless. Makes me wonder where a camera is."

The younger male turtle glared at older male before he pouted. Thalia, on the other hand, began to get things out to cook. She hummed a bit before looking at the male turtles.

"Mikey-nii-san, Don-nii-san, is there a portable radio here in the lair?"

Don got up and got it down from where it lived, on top of the fridge. "Here it is. Why?"

The female turtle smiled at him. "Thanks and you will see." she went and plugged it into the wall next to the fridge and turned it on. Music came pouring out of the radio and Thalia danced to it as she worked. It was around 5 minutes later that Don asked a question.

"Where is everyone else?"

Mikey frowned as he thought but his female counterpart replied, "Aphrodite went to go take a bath. Gaia went with Leo to talk with Papa. And Minerva is watching something on the TV with Raph."

Both of the males eyes went wide. "Wow..." said Mikey.

Thalia just giggled and continued to cook. But when "Good Feeling" by Flo Rida came on the radio, she squealed. It confused the older turtles as she bolted out of the kitchen and came back, dragging Don's female counterpart.

Said female turtle was laughing as her little sister began dancing. Minerva began to dance as well, making the two male turtles stare at them. Raph soon showed up, wondering why Thalia dragged Minerva away. He got his answer as he watched the two girls dance around the kitchen. The purple banded girl stopped when she saw him standing in the door way. A grin came across her face and she went over to the taller male. He arched an eye ridge at her, making her fully smile at him. She grasped a hand and began to drag him to where her younger sister was dancing.

That was when Raph realized what she was doing. Minerva began dancing and was making Raph dance with her. Raph's brothers began to laugh at him, causing his already dark skin to darken more. Thalia blew a raspberry at the two laughing turtles and began to dance with Minerva and the standing Raph. The song was over and the red banded turtle tried to leave but when "Gangman Style" by PSY began to play, both girls shrieked in laughter.

He groaned as they began to dance to the song. That was when his own female counterpart entered the kitchen, still damp from her bath. She laughed as she joined her sisters in the dance. All three of the male turtles stared at them as they danced and laughed. They continued to try to get Raph to dance with them, with very little luck. All it did was make the blush on Raph's face darken and his brothers to laugh harder.

When the song was over, the tallest male turtle all but fled the kitchen, causing the girls to laugh. His brothers snickered at his embarrassment. Aphrodite looked at them, raising an eye ridge. "And why are you two laughing? This goes to show that my counterpart is better looking. He has three beautiful females after him."

Both of them stopped laughing, making their counterparts laugh. Thalia went back to cooking as Minerva went into the living room. Aphrodite chuckled and decided to play a prank on one of the boys. She made her way to the fridge, which Mikey was sitting near. The female opened the fridge, knowing that Don had a good view of her. Bending over to rummage in the metal box, Aphrodite made it so that her bottom was on display. The femme fatale smirked as she heard one of the males (most likely Don) suck in some air.

She stood and held a beer bottle in hand. Looking around the kitchen, she saw that a bottle opener was on the table. Pressing her large breasts against the back of Mikey's head, she reached over and grabbed it. Standing up straight, Aphrodite opened her beer bottle. Glancing at the male turtles, she could see that both of them were thoroughly embarrassed.

Heading back in the direction of the living room, she began laughing...

~~~When We Stand Together~~~

Raph rested on the couch, watching WWE Friday Night Smackdown. A sadistic grin appeared on his face as he watched John Cena slam Dolph Ziggler into the ring. He felt someone sit down on the couch next to him as he roared with laughter as the blonde bounced off the mat. Glancing out of the corner of his eye to see that it was Minerva. Again.

Ever since they showed up, the female counterpart of Donatello had stuck to him like white on rice. And it thoroughly confused the strongest turtle on why she was following him. Minerva was not watching him though. Instead, her focus was on the television. He could see her confusion through her warm chocolate brown eyes as she watched John Cena win the match.

The red banded turtle looked away from the TV to Minerva and had to ask, "Well, what are you doin?"

She glanced at him before returning focus to the television, where Ryback was getting ready to fight the Undertaker. "I am currently in the middle of researching on the WWE. I figured that since I was in a different dimension, I should see if it is different than back home."

Raph raised an eye ridge. "Is it?"

Minerva looked at the tallest male turtle. "The last thing I saw was Monday Night RAW's fight. It was Vince McMahon vs Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWE Championship."

Raph's jaw dropped. "That was back in 1998!"

The female turtle paled. "W-What?"

"Yeah. It happened 15 years ago!"

Minerva stared at him before bolting to the nearest calendar. Her jaw dropped as she saw that it was January 4, 2013. Gulping, she screamed out "GAIA! APHRODITE! THALIA! We have a problem!"

The minute she started screaming, all of the other female turtles came running. Gaia stopped in front of her younger sister, her fans in hand. Thalia was wielding a kitchen knife and Aphrodite has both of her sai out. All of them looked like they were ready for war. Mostly Raph's female counterpart.

Splinter came out along side Leo. Mikey and Don were looking around with slight worry. Minerva was fidgeting, playing with her hands as she looked to her sisters. "We have got a problem."

Gaia placed one fan back in its holster. "What is wrong?"

The youngest out of the female turtles glanced around the Lair, inching towards Leo in fear. "Is the Shredder here?"

Leo, seeing the smaller turtle shake with fear, grab the handle to one of his katanas. He didn't know why, but a scared Thalia was something he did not like.

Aphrodite twirled her sai around as she stood next to Mikey. "Don't seem like ol' frying pan face is here."

Her younger sister shook her head. "That is not the problem here girls."

Mikey scratched his head. "Then what is the problem?"

Minerva continued to wring her hands. Raph stepped towards her and clapped a hand on her shoulder. She looked up at him and the taller turtle didn't know why but his heart jumped in his chest. Splinter hobbled toward the dimension visitor.

"Please, my daughter, what is wrong?"

She looked away from Raph to stare at the mutant rat. Taking a deep breathe, she announced, "Not only are we in the wrong dimension, we are also in the wrong time. Girls, welcome to the year 2013..."

~~~When We Stand Together~~~

Ain't I a bitch for ending it there? I am currently working on the next chapter! Please do not kill me! That includes my beta! .
Next chapter of Fem Turtles meeting our boys!!!! I do NOT own the Fem Turtles!!! That would be :icondr-innocentchild:!!!!
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