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This is an amazing story inspired by *Dr-Innocentchild on the amazing site called deviantART!!! I had to write this after watching Turtles Forever and knew it was a hit! XD

Disclaimer: I do not own TMNT. Nor do I own the Fem!Turtles. See Michael Bay? This what they (if they were female) SHOULD LOOK LIKE!!!!


Raph grunted as he kicked the bag. On the other side of it was Leo. They had found the new punching bag Don had invented and decided to try it out. And it was PERFECT! Leo shouldered the punching bag again as Don walked up to them. Raph stopped hitting it to complement his brother. "Donnie, you've out done yourself. This new punching bag is the tops!"

"Seriously, how it feels." Leo said, caressing it.

"How the weight shifts around inside." stated Raph as he went to kick it again.

Don bit his finger, "Uh, guys?"

Leo stood next to the punching bag. "It's completely life like!" He elbowed the bag again.

"You guys!" Don said again.

Raph smiled, "Yeah. It's almost like you can hear it grunt in pain with each strike!" He punched it again and a faint squeal could be heard from it. Raph began to look around. "Where's Mikey? He's going to love this!"

"GUYS!" Don shouted, finally gaining full attention. "First off, I haven't seen Mikey since the Hide and Seek game he instead on playing an hour ago." Here you could see the bag twitch. "And second, I haven't invented any new punching bags."

Looks of realization came across both Raph and Leo's faces. Raph leaned over and began to unzip the punching bag. Mikey fell out of it with his usual scream and collapsed on the floor. He looked up at his brothers, raising a finger. "A'right. Now you guys hide." and with that, Mikey's face said hello to the floor.

As the brothers began to fret over their younger brother, a light flashed through out the lair and the three battle ready turtles quickly turned to see what it was. They heard screams and four thuds as something hit the Lair floor. Once the light was gone, the brothers stood ready to do battle but what they saw were 4 turtles. 4 mutant turtles. 4 teenage mutant turtles. 4 FEMALE Teenage Mutant Turtles.

The females were quickly getting up. The tallest one was emerald green in skin tone and had a red bandana that acted as her hair. A decorative piece was in the back, keeping the long braid of the red bandana in place. She also had the largest breast size out of the other females.

The second tallest one had a light blue bandana that also had a decorative piece but it was different than the red banded one's. Around her waist was a holster that had two decorative fans, which confused the male turtles.

The next turtle was shorter than the other two and had a somewhat larger breast size than the blue banded one but was still smaller than the red turtle. Her bandana was a light lavender color and it complemented her olive colored skin well. Her hair piece kept the tails of her bandana out of her face and a light grey messenger bag was near her.

The final turtle was the smallest out of them. She was a light aqua color and her bandana was orange. The tails of it were put up in large bows on either side of her head, giving it the pig tail effect. Near her was a pair of kusarigama. She also had a orange kimono sash around her waist.

The brothers slowly approached them as they began to make noise. The blue banded female sat up, cradling her head in her hands. "Ow...ugh when I get my hands on Shredder I am sooo going to kill him."

The emerald fem turtle spoke up, peeling herself off the floor. "Yeah well get in line. I am going to hang him by the nutsack in his fuckin' courtyard. After I shove a god damn hockey stick up his ass."

Speaking from where she layed, the olive skinned one spoke, "That would be impossible Phro."

"Why is that?" she asked, rubbing her eyes.

The purple banded turtle replied, "It implies he has some in the first place"

That caused  all of the females to laugh and finally look around.

The orange banded turtle's eyes widened as they landed on the confused brothers. "G-Gaia!!!"

Spinning around, the blue banded fem turtle whipped out the fans. Leo's eyes widened as he realized that the fans were metal and would no doubt kill him and his brothers if it got close enough. Her sapphire eyes practically glowed at the brothers, showing that she would give no mercy to those who harmed her or people she cared about.

Growling out, "Who are you?"

Leo also noticed that the other female turtle brought out their weapons. The red banded female brought out sai; the purple one, tonfa; and the orange one grabbed her kusarigama.

Donnie held up his hands, "WHOA! Hold on!!We are not your enemies!!"

The red banded turtle scoffed, "Oh please. You were either sent here by the Shredder or made by Bishop."

Raph looked at her. "You know Bishop? Oh man I hate that guy. More than I hate the Shredder and Hun!!"

Mikey chuckled, "Oh yeah. You hate Hun a lot."

Amber eyes turned to his brother, "The fucker trashed my bike!!"

Leo didn't say a word, keeping his eyes locked onto sapphire ones. She continued to stare at them before saying, "Girls, stand down."

Three pairs of eyes glanced at her before putting away their weapons. They continued to stare at each other before Leo finally spoke, "Who are you?"

The lighter blue banded turtle said, "My name is Gaia Hamato. And these are my sisters. Aphrodite Hamato-" She waved her hand at the emerald turtle, who just spat on the floor. "Minerva Hamato-" The purple banded female fidgeted with the strap of her messenger bag.

"Hello." She bowed.

Gaia continued speaking, "And my youngest sister, Thalia Hamato." The shortest turtle bounced up to the brothers.

"Hi! I'm Thalia!! What's your name?!"

Leo blinked at her, thinking 'Dear god. It's a female Mikey....'

"Uh, ahem. I am Leonardo Hamato. And these are my brothers. Raphael Hamato-"

Raph leaned against the wall of the Lair. "Hey, how ya doin."

"Donatello Hamato-" Leo waved his hand at the scientist. Donnie scratched the back of his head, blushing.

"Hello. It is nice to meet you."

The eldest out of the brothers then pinched the bridge of his beak. "And finally we have Michelangelo."

Mikey bounded up to Thalia, "HI! I'm Michelangelo but you can call me Mikey!!! What's your favorite color?"

Thalia giggled and began talking a mile a minute with Mikey. Aphrodite just face palmed. "Great. We have another Thalia. Only it's a guy."

Raph went over to the female turtle, clasping a hand on her shoulder, "I know how you feel. God save us."

Donnie approached his female version, "Hi. Do you mind telling me what brought you all here?"

Minerva glanced up at the taller turtle, blushing. "Um, Well. You see, we were fighting with The Shredder and Hun."

That caused all of the male turtles to narrow their eyes and Raph to growl deep within his chest. Aphrodite raised an eye ridge at that.

Leo spoke, "What happened next, Minerva was it?"

Minerva nodded, "Yes. Well, we were doing what we do best-"

Thalia piped up, "We were beating the SHELL out of them!"

Her eldest sister shushed her, "Thalia! What have I told you about using such language?"

As Thalia blushed, Mikey and Raph looked at each other, "Gaia is female Leo." stated the aqua colored male.

The tallest male nodded, "Damn straight."

Leo ignored his brothers and motioned for Minerva to continue. "As Thalia said, we were beating Shredder and Hun back. Aphrodite and Gaia were fighting Shredder while Thalia was dealing with Hun. I was trying to shut down their new weapon."

The other scientist asked, "Which was?"

"A dimension hopper, short version. Old bucket head was planning on taking over other dimensions so, we decided to stop them. But when we were fighting, Hun threw Tha at me. Which accidentally caused the machine to turn on. In a last ditch effort, Shredder also managed to throw the others at us." she explained.

Aphrodite growled, "Yeah but as we were falling through the hole, I left a little surprise back home."

Seven sets of eyes looked at her. The big breasted turtle grinned ferally. "I smashed a fist through the main control panel and slashed it with my sai, in hoped to get grounded but," here she shrugged, "guess it didn't work."

Donnie began to pace. "You must have caused a switch in the system. Instead of sending you all to your doom, the machine sent you here."

Thalia spoke, hopping onto Aphrodite's back, "But where is here?"

Leo looked at the youngest female, "Our world. A parallel I'm guessing. Where everything is almost the exact same."

Bright blue eyes widened, "Ohhh. Okay. I get it. Kinda like the Battle Nexus right?"

Minerva rubbed the back of her neck. "Kinda but at the same time no. You see, we are in, as Leo said, a PARALLEL world. The people we know may not exist here and vice verse. Hopping from one dimension to the next is difficult and hard to pinpoint."

Gaia went over to her younger sister. "Can you get us home?"

"It could take a while but yes. I can."

Mikey whooped, "SWEET!! That means you guys will need a place to stay right?"

Minerva giggled at the hyper male. "Of course Michelangelo."

Leo looked at the female version of himself, "Please, make yourselves at home until we can get you home."

Raph couldn't help but sigh, "Great. Girls."

And with that, Leo went off to find their sensei. He couldn't help but wonder what this meant for him and his brothers....


Whew!! First chapter is DONE!!! X333 This was harder than I thought!!! But keep Reading to find out more about the FemTurtles and Our Boys!!!
Inspired by :icondr-innocentchild:!!!

Summary: When a strange light lights up the Lair, our favorite boys meet their FEMALE selves!!! What in the Shell is going on??
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