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September 19, 2012
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Leo giggled to himself as he inched closer and closer to his target. Said target was laying on the floor of the living room, lazily swinging his legs in the air. It gave Leo the perfect view of his target's rear end. He licked his lips as he made his way to Mikey. The sea green turtle continued to watch TV, unaware that Leo's Pedo Side was out in full force.

But as Leo was getting into position (i.e Pedo Position) a bright light flashed throughout the living room. The leaf green turtle raised his arm, protecting his eyes. A feeling entered his gut, as if something was pulling at him. With a roar, Leo disappeared...


Leo hit the ground with a slam and a scream. It felt like somebody had thrown him under a bus and said bus backed up over him. " head...." he muttered as he peeled himself off the floor. Leo rubbed his head and heard a squeak. Blinking, he looked up from the ground to see Don and Mikey staring at him, eyes wide. "Guys? Why are you staring at me like that?"

Mikey squeaked, gripping onto Donnie's arm, making Leo's eyes narrow. A crash behind him made the leaf green turtle quickly turn around, swords out. What he saw made both this jaw and swords drop to the floor. Staring at him was, well him! Leo blinked as he approached the "Other" Leo. They stood in front of each other, eyes the size of hubcaps.

Other Leo couldn't help but say, "Please tell me that I am dreaming."

Leonardo gulped, "I wish but excuse me."

An eye ridge rose, giving the silent "What for?"

"For I may fai...." with out another word, Leonardo fainted....


Mikey couldn't help but stare at the turtle laying on the examination table in Donnie's lab. He looked EXACTLY like his brig brother who was lounging against the far wall of the lab. Raph was standing next to the smartest turtle, hand resting on Don's chair as he bent over to look at the computer screen. "What can you tell us Donnie-boy?" asked the red banded turtle.

Don leaned back, eyes never leaving the computer screen. "Well, it is Leo. DNA and everything matches up. Just, it isn't our Leo. That Leo," he pointed to the unconscious one, "is from another dimension."

The awake Leo spoke up, "Can't you, I don't know, send him back?!"

The purple banded turtle finally looked away from the computer screen to his eldest brother. "I would if I could."

Leonardo frowned, "What does that mean?!"

Mikey spoke for the first time since Leo [A/N: I shall call Pedo Leo, Leo and Original Dimension Leo, Leonardo. Helps keep it from being confusing.] fell from the ceiling. "We don't know what dimension he came from Leonardo. It will be a while until we manage to find his home."

Three pairs of eyes stared at the youngest turtle. Mikey stared back. "What? Don isn't the only turtle who watches Doctor Who!"

Raph chuckled as Donnie grinned. Their fearless leader shook his head, "Great. So we have two Leos in one dimension. This is just great."

His brothers looked from one another before looking at the unconscious turtle on the table. "So, what do we do?" Mikey asked.

Leonardo rubbed his face. Why the hadn't told Splinter that there were now TWO Leos was because Splinter was out on a training run with April. Girl was getting good in the ninja department but that was neither here nor there. A groan from the table made all of the turtle look. It seemed Leo was waking up.

Raph couldn't help but say, "Good morning sunshine. How was your nap?"

Leo scrubbed his face with a hand, "I had the strangest dream Raph."

Leo heard his younger brother snicker, "Oh? What about?"

The blue banded turtle slowly sat up, peeling his hand away from his face, "You wouldn't believe it."

He heard a "Try me."

And as Leo was about to speak, he opened his eyes. He saw 4 Ninja Turtles and One was a clone of himself. Leo just stared at them before saying, "It wasn't a dream, was it?"

Raph began laughing, while Mikey bit his lip. Don stood up, going over to look at the now awake turtle. "Feel any dizziness or pain?"

Leo shook his head no. "I feel fine. Freaked the fuck out but otherwise, I feel fine." Four sets of eyes widened. Leo (and Leonardo) only cursed when he was in either Pain or Confused beyond relief. And this classified as Confused.

Soon, Leo was up and in the living room, being questioned by the other turtles. He kept saying he had no idea how he had gotten there or why he WAS even there. The one question that threw Leo for a loop was when Don asked, "What were you doing before you were brought here."

Leo's eyes rested on Mikey, unaware that the tips of his mask tails curling as his Pedo side stirred. The only one to see this was Raph. Leonardo was pacing, chewing on his thumbnail. Mikey and Don were looking at his face, not seeing the mask tails from where they were sitting. The emerald turtle frowned as he saw them curl. 'What the shell?' he thought.

Raph glanced from Leo to his brothers as the visitor spoke, "I was watching TV with Michelangelo. We were watching Doctor Who." Amber eyes narrowed. Don nodded while Mikey began shooting off questions about The Doctor. They didn't see how relaxed Leo became, and they also didn't see the tails of the mask curling and twitching as the leaf green turtle continued to listen to Mikey.

'No,' Raph's frown darkened, 'not listen. He is watching Mikey. I am going to keep my eye on this one. Something about him doesn't agree with me.'

Raph pushed himself away from the wall he was resting against, swearing to keep an eye on this turtle...


End Chapter 1!!!! Reviews are welcomed~~~~
A Turtlecest Story involving the wonderful Pedonardo aka Pedo Leo!!!

First attempt at Turtlecest, please Don't Kill me!!!
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okay, KameChuu made this cute little character and I kinda borrowed him
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it gets confusing yes but lords it is hard to write
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I am working on more and it is coming soon!! :)
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