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January 10, 2013
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The next chapter of "More Human than Human"! I know, it has been a while since I focused on this story but I have been busy and such. Well, anyways, here is the next chapter! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do NOT own TMNT. Or will they be called Teenage Ninjas?

~~~More Human than Human~~~

Leo couldn't help but stare at his father and brothers. Don looked like Christmas had come early. Mikey was sputtering out on why school was bad. Splinter looked amused and Raph? The black-haired human was laughing. The brown eyed ninja spoke up over his brothers, "Sensei? Why are we going to school? Can't you home school us?"

The rat turned human looked at his eldest son. "I am afraid not, Leonardo. That would be unwise for us."

Raph stood up straight. "Besides, if we hide in a school, it would be harder for Shred Head to find us."

Mikey piped up, "How would it be harder for the Shredder to find us?"

That was when Don slapped his own forehead. "Manhattan is separated in several sections. Chelsea, Soho, Middleton. There is at lease several different schools on the island alone. Add to the fact that there are several thousand teenagers that fit out age, he could be searching for months, if not years."

His older brother stated, "He also don't know what we look like. Even if he did, it would take him some time. Enough time for us to disappear again. After that, it would take him forever to find us again."

Leo's jaw dropped as he realized his younger brother's plan. It was basically fool proof. Which shocked the fearless leader.

April stood from the table, announcing, "Prepare yourselves boys. You are going to school."

~~~More Human than Human~~~

Several weeks later...

Leo sat on the roof of the garage. It had been several weeks since they had been transformed into humans and tomorrow was the boys first day of school. They had bought the warehouse that was above the Lair. It had taken them a while to collect the money. For Raph and Casey had to not only to get the money to buy the warehouse but also had to get the money to make Fake IDs and such information. Now, the boys and Splinter had fake IDs and shell, Splinter had a job. He would be teaching ninjutsu at a near by martial arts school during the day. Tomorrow was his first official day when his sons went to school.

The ninjas-in-training would be starting Middleton High School with Angel and Mikey was excited as hell. Like, he was bouncing off the walls excited. Don was happy too. Cause he was going to school, which was something he always wanted to do. The scientist was using this as a rare chance to learn.

Raph? He was okay with it. Going to school was (as he said) a necessary evil to help make sure that the Shredder wouldn't find them. But what Raph had been doing for the past weeks (aside from getting the money together for their new life style) had been helping Don and Casey clean up the ware house. Half of it was being turned into a car repair shop and the other half was being turned into their "public home" aka if anyone from the school board got fishy, they could show them where they lived.

Shell they even had a back story. Splinter came here to America years ago with his son Yoshi Hamato and tried to make a living. But sadly, his son was killed in an accident. And during this same time, he had found four orphaned children living on the streets. Being the kind old man he was, he took the children in. But due to the fact that they were orphaned, the children had no paperwork. So, Splinter had decided to teach them as much as he could until he could get enough money to get the boys paperwork so they could go to an actual school.

And it fit. It explained why Splinter was different than his sons and why they hadn't been to school. IT also explained why the old man couldn't get a decent job. He had four children to raise and teach. But now, with the help of his sons and his friend, he had gathered enough money and got his sons paperwork.

But that we neither here nor there. Right now, Leo was more worried about tomorrow. Sure they knew how to act and even had excuses for some of their sayings. But the most important thing was that Leo was scared. Not of the Foot finding them. Oh no. What terrified Leo was of the new world that they would be entering tomorrow. The world called High School. All of them would be entering the same grade as Angel, which was sophomore.

What scared the blue banded ninja was of the humans. He had seen on TV what happened to new kids and was afraid that Raph's temper would send more than a few kids to the hospital. Which would blow their cover. The fearless leader sighed and looked up at the night sky. Sure it was hard to see the stars some nights but hey, for a ninja the darkness was your friend and ally.

Leo smiled and said, "Well, tomorrow is another day in our world. And I have to say, stranger things have happened. Wish us luck God. We will need it." Standing up, the brown haired teen went back into the garage...

~~~More Human than Human~~~

It was early morning and our favorite turtles turned humans were currently getting ready for school. Mikey was running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, looking for his stuff. Leo was grumbling to himself as he had to leave his katanas at home (otherwise, unwelcome questions would be asked) and Don was sucking down coffee. He was also pouring some in a thermos, cause he knew that he would need the caffeine later.

Raph? He was eating a bowl of cereal with his bag next to his seat. April and Casey were there too. As well as Angel. She would claim to know them from around her neighborhood (which was true) and Splinter was getting ready for work. And by that he was drinking some tea while watching his sons. Angel laughed as Mikey came scrambling into the kitchen.

"QUICK! Has anyone seen my binder?!"

Don glared at him. "I told you. It is on the end table in the living room! Jesus!"

Let it be known that Don in the mornings before his nth cup of coffee is a VERY cranky ninja. The blond ran into the living room and gave a cry of victory. Soon, all of them were ready to be on their way. Raph grumbled as he hopped into the back of the disguised Battle Shell. It now looked like a normal travel van for teenagers. Well, on the outside. If one ever looked on the inside, it would look like a traveling military war office.

And the reason why Raph was grumbling was because he wasn't allowed to use his Shell Cycle to go to and from school. At least, not yet. Once he got permission from the school, he would be able to ride it but for now, had to ride with his bros.

They made their way to the martial arts school where Splinter worked. He exited the truck, saying good luck to his sons and entered the building. His sons and friends wished him luck and made their way to Middleton High School...

~~~More Human that Human~~~

Angel was giddy as she sat with her friends. They were pulling into the school parking lot right now and the purple haired girl could not wait to show her best friends around the school. Mikey was a ball of energy. Raph looked bored/amused. Leo was scoping out the place with his eyes (ever the ninja) and Don looked happy.

It brought joy to the female teen as she looked at them. For while she did enjoy them being Mutant Ninja Turtles, seeing them turn into humans was a complete shock but at the same time, beyond ecstatic. This would sound silly but she has a crush on one of them. Believe it or not, Angel has a crush on Don.

Why the smartest ninja? Well, the one thing that Angel found attractive in a guy was brains. Add to the fact that he could whoop your happy ass into next fucking year when pissed off made him perfect. But when he was a mutant turtle, Angel knew she would never have a chance with him. Now? The purple haired girl glanced at him. He was a bit taller than her and had copper colored hair. His chocolate brown eyes stood out against his alabaster skin. She smiled and couldn't help but think, 'Hopefully I have a chance with him.'

The Battle Shell stopped and Angel got out first. "Have a good day at school Angel!" April and Casey yelled from the front of the truck. She laughed and waved at them. A new voice stopped the girl though.

"Well well. Look what came from the dregs." Angel turned away from the vehicle to see the most popular girl in her school standing there, with her posse. Demi Cervantes stood there in all of her glory. Tight fitting teal blouse with her storm grey pants and silver flats. Her fiery red hair gleamed in the light. Her jade green eyes raked over Angel's lanky body.

Angel went to open her mouth when Raph heaved himself out of the truck. "Yo Angel. Move your ass!"

Angel turned to her taller friend. "Oh yeah? Make me you Neanderthal!"

The black haired male laughed and picked her up like a sack of potatoes. She shrieked/laughed. "Raph! Put me down!"

He tossed her on his shoulder. "Make me!"

His younger brother's voice piped up from behind him. "I will!"

Raph expertly dodged a kick from Mikey, still holding onto his female friend. Angel squeaked as her "captor" moved. A large messenger bag came flying out of the Battle Shell and said hello to the back of Raph's head. Exiting the truck next was Don. Moving quickly, he drop kicked at his elder brother's legs, making him drop Angel.

In a move she learned from said ninjas, the teenager rolled and got to her feet. Laughing at her taller friend's new shiner, Angel couldn't help but say "Donnie! My hero!"

Don stood next to her, picking up his bag. "Why thank you ma'am! But I am no hero! Just your friendly neighborhood nerd at work."

Leo came out of the truck and slung an arm over his younger brother's shoulders. "Don't be modest Don! Take the compliment from the pretty lady!"

All of the ninjas laughed and that was when Angel saw Demi's face. Jaw dropped and eyes about to pop out of her head. The purple haired girl couldn't help but smile. Her ninja friends were handsome and well built. She couldn't help but think to make a gift basket for Splinter. Why? Well, Angel glanced at Don's butt. No way in hell was that buttocks would ever be hidden by baggy pants. Never.

Mikey bounced up to her. "Angel! Quickly! Where will out classes be?!"

Laughing, she said "Well first we have to go to the office. Come on boys. And welcome to High School! Let the games begin!"

They all entered the school laughing...

~~~More Human than Human~~~

And end the chapter! Well, the boys are in school now...what do you all think will happen next?!
Well, the boys are getting ready to enter High School...What do you think will happen next?
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