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November 12, 2012
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Okay! I am sorry I haven't updated because I has been bust getting a job. Anyways, I was watching TMNT again (2003 version) and this idea popped in my head. And FYI this is after "A Rouge in the House"episodes but before the Nexus episodes. Please read and review!

Disclaimer: I do NOT own TMNT. If I did. Well...


Raph laughed as he smashed another one of the Shredder's robots. He loved fighting. The adrenaline rush was different than riding on his bike or performing on the guitar (secret from his brothers.) The sai-wielding turtle laughed again as he ripped the head off of a robot. Near him was Mikey, who was currently using his archery abilities. The orange wearing turtle pulled 3 arrows out of god knows where and set them up in the bow. With a ''twang'' they flew through the air and hit home. 3 separate bots fell, an arrow coming out of their skull. Raph cheered at his younger brother. "Yeah! Go Mikey!"

Mikey blushed a bit before going back to attack some more robots. The hot head smiled at his brother's back before releasing some more stress/anger on the robots. Raph tilted his head as he heard his best friend scream out "GONGALA!" and again wondered what exactly was wrong with Casey Jones. But Raph was soon pulled out of his thoughts by Donnie yelling out, "Look!"

The Turtles and Casey looked up to head of the alley that they were fighting in to see Stockman's robot body with 5 Foot-Tech Ninjas. "Great, not these guys again." muttered the red banded turtle. Stockman grinned evilly as he spoke to the Tech Ninjas.

"Remember you stupid fools, the big man wants them ALIVE." The Tech Ninjas nodded and aimed some strange rifles on the Turtles and their Sensei, who was with them. Raph growled and smashed in another robot's head as he tried to warn his family about Stockman. But before he could even reach them, he felt something hit his neck. Raph hissed and as he reached up to his neck, he saw Donnie get hit by some sort of dart that caused the purple clad turtle fall to his knees.

"DON!" cried the sai-wielding TMNT. He heard Mikey cry out in pain. Raph turned to see a dart poking out of Mikey's thigh. Amber eyes widened as he saw both Leo and Splinter get hit with the same kind of darts and collapse to the ground. With a mighty roar, Raph destroyed another robot...


Casey Jones had seen a lot since he befriended the Turtles but what he was seeing made it hit somewhere on the Top 10 List of "WTF am I seeing?" Why? Well, apparently Stockman had hit the TMNT and Splinter with some sort of dart. It made Mikey, Donnie and Leo collapse within seconds of being hit while Splinter was able to resist the effects of it a bit longer than his sons. Raph? That's the kicker. It (or seeing his family) apparently caused the emerald turtle to go into a rage. Which was causing Stockman and his Tech Ninjas to fear for their lives.

The vigilante could only stare in shock/awe that his best friend was mowing down Foot Ninja robots and when one of the Tech Ninjas raised his gun again to shoot at Raph, Casey heard Stockman say, "No you fool! If you shot at him again, it would kill him! He wants them ALIVE you impudent simpleton!"

Casey filed that info for later but right now, he had more important things to worry about. And that was to get the unconscious turtles and rat out of here. He quickly pulled out the shell cell that Donnie made him and phone April to get the Battle Shell. Once that was done, the hockey masked man went to help Raph...


Raph growled as he punched another robot. He could see his brothers and father convulsing in pain and hearing them (mostly Mikey) scream in pain. Whatever they were shot with was effecting Raph too. It felt like his body was dropped into a vat of lava mixed with acid. But Raph had a higher pain tolerance than his brothers, so he tried to focus not on the pain. Instead, he focused on his family and how they needed him. The closest one to the sai-wielding turtle was Donnie. Raph gritted his teeth as another wave of pain flashed through his veins.

The turtle went and made his way over to his brother, throwing an olive colored arm over his shell. But before he could drag his brother to safety, the Battle Shell came roaring down the alley. The stupid robots that were too slow to move got smashed to bits by the armored truck's hood. The truck came to a stop and April leaned out the driver's window. "GET IN!" she yelled. Raph dragged Don to the open back of the truck. Casey was dragging Mikey and Leo while April left the truck to get Splinter.

Once all of them were in the truck, April threw the monster vehicle in reverse. Stockman's yell of "NO! Stop them!" came (albeit muffled) through the truck's window. April growled as she drove the truck, ignoring the pain filled screams/groans coming from her friends in the back. With a few quick moves (and activate the cloaking device that Don installed) the large truck was hidden in an alley, with Stockman and his ninja running around looking like idiots.

April unbuckled herself and went into the back, seeing Casey trying to do something to calm the 3 Turtles and Splinter. She saw Raph sitting against the back door of the Battle Shell, an arm holding onto his waist. The red-headed woman went over to the sai-wielding warrior. "Raph! Are you alright?"

He blearily opened an eye, looking at April. "A-Are they safe?"

Green eyes met mask and April said, "Yeah. They are safe."

Raph gave a weak grin. "Good." And with that, the emerald turtle passed out...


Leonardo groaned as he entered the world of the living. It felt like somebody had hit him with the Battle Shell...and them backed it over him again. The katana-wielding ninja sat up. 'Wait. Sat up?' he opened his eyes, only to groan in pain again as bright light hit his eyes. Brown eyes blinked as they got used to the light. Leo rubbed his eyed before looking around. 'Oh. I am at Casey's grandmother's again.'

He sighed and moved to get out of bed, for his bladder was making itself known. He quickly got out of bed and went into the bathroom that was attached to his room. Leo opened the door and glanced in the mirror. He froze and then turning to fully look at himself in the mirror before screaming...


Mikey moaned as he peeked his head out of the blankets that surrounded him. He blinked as he noticed that he was in a bed. "Why am I here?" he asked to noone. The nunchucku-wielding ninja groaned as he realized that he was at the farm. "Great. No internet" he muttered before getting out of the bed to head to the bathroom. But he noticed something was wrong. He heard Leo scream. "LEO!" he muttered and ran to find his eldest brother...


Don held his head in his hands, wondering if somebody got the license plate number of the semi truck that decided to run his happy ass over. The scientist glanced at the clock that was next to the bed he was laying in. 8:30 am. With some quick thinking, Donnie realized that he was in his room at Casey's farm."Okay, now that I know where I am.." he was cut off my a scream. "LEO!" Don cried, getting out of bed to find his brother...


Leo stared in shock as he saw his reflection. Instead of the face he had seen since he could remember, a new face stared back at him. A HUMAN face. Caramel colored eyes stared back at him as he ran a pale 5 digit hand over his face. Leo dragged his hands up to his milk chocolate colored hair. He was so entranced with what happened to him that he didn't hear people enter his room until –


Leo turned from the mirror to see two other humans standing in the entrance of the bathroom. "M-Mikey? Don?" the now human asked.

Both blinked before they realized that they too were human. And that all three were naked. Mikey screamed and went over to Leo's bed. He practically ripped the blanket off the mattress to wrap the blanket around him toga style.

Don, on the other hand, was examining his body. "Well this is intriguing." He ran his hands over his body, looking at it.

"Well if I knew screaming was all it took to wake you, I would have done it by now." said a voice from the doorway of Leo's room. All three of the males in the room turned to see a tall man standing there. He was wearing a pair of low riding leather pants and was shirtless. His black hair seemed to suck in all of the light but what got the brothers the most were his amber eyes.

"R-Raph?" Mikey asked. A smirk was what he got.

"In the flesh baby bro."

Don slowly went up to the used to be emerald turtle. "Raph, what in the shell is going on?"

"Well," Raph rested against the door frame, "according to April, our good friend the Shredder decided to turn us into humans."

"But why?" Mikey asked, still covering himself with the blanket.

Raph raised an eyebrow. "What do you think Mikey? We are weaker in this state."

Three pairs of eyes stared at him. All held disbelief before Leo asked, "What do you mean weaker?"

A sigh escaped Raph's lips. "Oh fearless leader. How confused you must be. What I mean is that we don't have our shells to protects us and we no longer have our mutant healing factor. We are normal humans now. Including dear old Dad."

What happened next will forever be planted in Raph's mind. Bulging eyes and dropped jaws with Leo actually saying "WHAT THE FUCK?!" Hell you would have thought he said he knocked up some girl.

"It is true my sons." said an old voice from behind Raph. The amber eyed male stood up straight and let his brothers see their (now human) father.

"Splinter-sensei!" they cried out. The old man (who was wearing his normal kimono with white hakama pants.) entered the room, looking at his sons.

"It is good to see you all awake but we have more important things to discuss. Raphael, see to it that your brothers are dressed. I will see them downstairs within the next 30 minutes."

Raph nodded at his sensei and turned to go fetch his brothers some clothes while the now human turtle try to figure out what to do with themselves...


Leo sat down in the kitchen with his other brothers. Don was looking at the hair on his arms while Mikey was staring at his hands. The ninja-in-training looked away from his brothers to look where his other brother was standing. The hot head was leaning against the counter, munching on an apple. Standing next to him at the stove was April. She was supporting a blush, for some strange reason. Leo kept staring at her until it clicked. Raph was still shirtless and from what Leo could tell, April found his brother's new from quite attractive.

"So, Raph how long have we been out?" Mikey asked., bringing Leo's attention back to his other brothers.

The tallest out of them swallowed the bit of food in his mouth before saying, "You three? Roughly 4 days. Sensei? 3 days."

His brothers stared at him before they all yelled, "WHAT?!"

Raph cringed slightly before continuing on. "Yeah. And I was out for 2 days. Stockman hit us with something. Case remembers him saying that The Shredder wants us ALIVE."

Donnie frowned in thought as Mikey slammed his forehead into the table. Leo did the Sasuke Pose ™ and looked at his father.

"Splinter-sensei, what are we going to do?"

The wise man sipped his tea before saying, "Your brother Raphael has begun working on that. Apparently he sees this as a blessing."

Raph's brothers looked at him. The tallest male scratched at his chest, slightly aware that April was watching his hand. "Well, you see, Case and April got us out of there before anyone of the Foot or Stockman saw our human forms. So, for all they know, we are dead."

Mikey brightened. "So, no more hiding?!"

Raph laughed, "Hold on there Turtle Titan. We need to stay on the down-low for a while. Shredder could be sweeping the city. From top to bottom. So, while old metal head does that, we are going to be staying here. Well, you guys are."

A frown made it's way across Leo's face. "What do you mean 'you guys'?"

Raph crossed his arms, "What I mean is that I am going to be getting supplies and other such things to help us out in our new human life. It's why Casey isn't in the room. He is upstairs asleep."

April spoke up, for the first time since the now human Turtles came downstairs. "He has been working on getting money so that way we can get the plan in motion."

Leo turned his attention to the red head. "What plan?"

April blinked at him, "The plan Raph made. And it is a good plan."

Raph's cheeks had a slight tinge of red across his face. "April. It ain't that good."

"It is a good plan my son. And it will help keep out home safe." Splinter said, looking at his second eldest son. Leo felt his eye twitch, for some strange reason.

"So, what is this plan?" he asked. The katana-wielding ninja raised an eyebrow, wondering why Raph was in charge of this.

Raph scratched at his arm, "The plan is to buy the warehouse that sits on top of the lair. We can turn that into our 'house', at least to the public view. It will also help make sure noone finds out about the lair through an accident."

Don nodded, "Makes sense. But why 'to the public' Raph?"

This is where Splinter-sensei snickered. "For you see my sons, to hide a tree plant it in a forest." His three sons stared at him before looking to Raph for translation.

The sai-wielding ninja sighed. "We are going to be normal teenagers. Ergo, we are going to school boys."

Stares then "WHAT?!"


End of chapter! I ran out of juices for this one but, hey, what are chapters for ne? Review PLEASE!
2003 TMNT. The Shredder has decided to turn the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles into...Teenage Ninjas! Watch as our now HUMAN Ninjas go through their life. Oh boy...
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