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November 9, 2012
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Hello again. This is the next chapter of “Lullaby” and I know you are all wanting to kill me for not updating this. BUT!!! I am back!!! Here is the next chapter. Please don't kill me. Please????

Disclaimer: I do NOT own TMNT. Please support the official release.


Donnie couldn't help but stare at Hana in shock. Gone was the shy little turtle tot he grew to love. Standing in front of him was a full grown female mutant ninja turtle. Her black hair was up in a pony tail and some covered her face. Her bandana was pure white, except for the bandana tail tips. They were dyed purple. The same purple his bandana was.

Her outfit consisted of wraps for her top, just covering her breast area. Her lower wear was a pair of biker shorts and a torn brown cloak. A pair of butterfly knifes rested on her hips. Hana stared at the younger turtle with confusion/shock.

“Uncle Donnie?” she asked.

He gave a watery smile as tears began to form in his eyes. “Hana. Oh my god Hana!!” He hugged her hard. She wrapped her arms around him, tears falling.

“I can't believe it is you!” she said, tightening her arms.

“Same. Last time I saw you, you were a turtle tot!” Donnie laughed, taking her face in his hands. “Look at you. You look a lot like your father.”

The female turtle laughed. “Oh Uncle Donnie. It has been forever since I saw you.”

That was when a voice from behind her made the purple banded turtle freeze. “Mommy? What is going on?”

Hana turned away from her uncle to look at the owner of the voice. Staring at them was a set of twin children. Once was a boy that was waist high on Don. He had pure black hair and amber eyes. He was wearing a red t-shirt and black shorts. The only thing that made him different was the fact that he had green skin. He looked like a normal human, but with green skin. The girl standing next to him was an almost exact replica of him. Except that she had normal skin but GREEN hair. And she was wearing a black shirt and red shorts.

Donnie stared at them before saying, “Huh? Wha?”

Raph came up and said, “How are my favorite grand-kids today?”

The twins looked at the taller turtle with stars in their amber eyes. “Grandpa!!!” they said.

The olive skinned turtle's jaw dropped. “Grandpa?” he squeaked out.

Mikey came up to him and clapped his shoulder. “Donnie-boy, meet your grand niece/nephew: Manet and Monet. “

Chocolate brown eyes looked away from the strange children to stare at his younger(?) brother. “Exqueeze me?”

Leo walked towards the time traveling turtle. “Yes. Those are Hana's pride and joy. I call them the Demon Twins.”

Manet stuck her tongue out at the leaf green turtle. “You are just mad that we keep pulling pranks on you Leo-jiji.”

Monet laughed, perching himself on his grandfather's shoulder. “Yeah. You have no sense of humor Leo-jiji!!”

That made Don chuckle as his brightly banded brothers laughed. Hana smiled at her children. “Okay kids. Come over here. I want you to meet a very special person.”

The two children stopped climbing over Raph and made their way to their mother. She kneeled down next to them and said, “Manet, Monet, meet your Great Uncle Donatello. He helped raised me before he disappeared.”

Donnie smiled at them and gave a shy smile. Two sets of amber eyes stared at him before they smiled at him. “Hi! I'm Manet!” said the girl.

“And I'm Monet!” said the boy.

The purple banded turtle laughed. “Hello there. As your Mom said, I'm Donatello but you can call me Don or Donnie.”

Raph came up to them and hooked an arm around Don's shoulders. “Or as I like to call him, Donnie-boy.”

The olive skinned turtle laughed again, bumping his older brother with his hip. “I thought I told you to stop calling me that!”

The older generation of mutants laughed, leaving the younger generations confused...


Donnie was smiling as he watched his family over dinner. This apparently was the first family dinner in a long time, from what he could tell (and from April told him.) The genius leaned back in his chair as he watched them interact with each other. Hana was laughing along side her father, beer flowing between them. Leo was blushing at them, roaring that the Twins didn't need to have a camera all the time. Mikey was beating the table with his hand, laughing hard. The culprits of the embarrassed Leo were grinning like foxes.

On the table were some pictures of Leo in some compromising positions. April was smiling and was giving high fives to the mutant children. Angel was sitting next to Don, rolling her eyes at their antics. “So, is good to be back?” asked the human.

The turtle looked at her. “When I woke up this morning, I was back at the Lair and none of this was real. Ultimate Draco enters the Lair and the next thing I know is that I am here. You have no idea how shocking it is to be here. Especially seeing my family like this.”

Angel nodded and threw an arm around him. “Don't I know it. Sometimes, I wish this was just a bad dream. A Nightmare really.”

Chocolate brown eyes glanced at her as she took a drink of beer. “I have to ask though, where did Manet and Monet come from?”

The woman paused in taking a drink. She looked at the liquid before saying in a low voice, “Let me just say this. Whatever you do, DON'T blame Hana. Okay?”

Don frowned. “Why would I blame Hana?”

Angel sighed and placed her glass on the table. She looked to the rest of the family. The Twins now had turned the tabled and Leo was laughing while Mikey was waving his arm around, saying something.

“It was a few years ago and Hana tried to help us get rid of old bucket face. She decided, without telling anyone, that she was going to try to get the help of Bishop.”

Donnie barely managed to contain the growl that wanted to burst from his chest. “Bishop? Why?”

Angel shrugged, “Who knows. All we know is that she disappeared for 3 weeks before she came back. And boy was she a mess. We didn't really know what happened to her until a few months after her return. Turns out the sick asshole decided to see if she could mate with humans.”

That made the turtle's blood run cold. “No....” he breathed.

The woman picked up her drink. “Yes. He did. When Raph found out, he left. Didn't come back until a week later. Came back with a camera and said, 'Watch it or don't. I don't care. Just know that Bishop ain't going to be bothering us ever again.' After that we turned on the camera. Let me just say, what I saw on that video will haunt me forever.”

That got Don's attention. He knew how bad Raph's temper was. He still had nightmares of them getting Hana back from the Shredder's clutches.

He motioned for his human friend to continue. She sighed, taking another drink. “What Raph did was that he tortured Bishop for a good 3 days. And it seriously made us all become terrified of Raph's Wrath.”

The olive skinned male paled. “What exactly did he do?”

Angel snorted at that. “What did he not do? Bishop was tortured within an inch of his sanity. And at the end, Raph had let him go. Alive.”

That made Don's eye ridges shoot up. “You're joking.”

The younger(?) human snorted again. “I wish. Raph is the scariest out of your brothers. Not Leo, not Mikey. Not even you, Mr. Biological Warfare.”

He held up his hands. “What? It was a COMPLETE accident when we all got sick!! It wasn't my fault Mikey accidentally let it escape my lab!”

Angel laughed. It made Don smile, for he knew what exactly happened to his family. And he then swore it would never happen again. Not on his watch...


And End chapter!!! I know, short but hey, I PRODUCED a chapter damnit!!!! Ya'll know the drill. Review. Please don't kill me. Please??? You wouldn't get more chapters if you did....
The next chapter of the ever so popular "Lullaby" and I would like to thank :iconajb66613: for naming the Twins!!! Thank her DAMNIT!!!
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