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Okay! A new chapter of the ever so popular "Lullaby"!!! I know, I should be focusing on my other fics like "Dragons?" and "Fake It" but my muse is EVIL!!! TT.TT I shall write them soon!!! I promise!!!

Disclaimer: I do NOT own TMNT. All I own are my OC's...


Don bit his lip as he sat on the arm of the couch. Standing across from the olive turtle was Raph, who was talking to their friend Angel. She was here to babysit Hana while the Turtles went on an emergency run. Splinter had come down with a cold and the Boys were going to go raid a local veterinary for some medicine. Since Splinter was sick, they had noone to watch Hana, for this job required all four of them. Mikey stood next to Don as the father of the group went over everything Angel needed to do. Hana herself was standing next to her father, gripping tightly onto his belt. Leo went over to where the two younger brothers were waiting.

"Is he done yet?" asked the eldest turtle.

Mikey scoffed. "You wish. You know how paranoid he is right now?"

The scientist spoke, "As Paranoid as Mad-Eye Moody?"

That caused the other turtles to snort and chuckle. Don was a Harry Potter fan, like how Splinter was a fan of his stories....Yeah, that bad.

The brothers heads shot up when they heard Raph say, "Okay, that is everything. You have my shell cell number on speed dial; dinner is in the fridge; Hana finished her homework and Splinter is asleep. We will try to be back before midnight." He looked at his watch. "It's 7:30 now."

Mikey whined, "We only get a few hours??"

Leo smacked the orange banded turtle on the back of the head. "We are going to go get medicine for Sensei then coming RIGHT BACK. Get it Mikey?"

The youngest male turtle pouted. "Fine."

Raph nodded and knelt down in front of his daughter. Her wide violet eyes stared up at him. "Okay, Hana. I need you to be on your best behavior with Angel. Understand?"

Tears began to swell up in the turtle tot's eyes as she realized her Daddy was leaving. It tugged on his heart strings, knowing that Hana was getting ready to cry. "Shush. I will be back. Okay? I am getting medicine for Jiji."

She tilted her head to the side. "Jiji sick?"

Nodding, Raph continued. "Yes honey. Jiji sick and Daddy is going to go get something that will make Jiji better. I need you to stay here with Angel. Understand?"

Hana nodded, a couple tears falling. The emerald turtle wiped them away with his hand and he kissed her forehead. "I'll be back as soon as possible. I promise. And when has Daddy broke a promise?"

The lighter toned turtle frowned, "Never." she said. Her father smiled before kissing her forehead again.

"I'll be back before you know it. Angel is in charge. If anything goes wrong, call me first."

Hana nodded and the strongest turtle stood up. Angel went over to Hana and gripped the baby turtle's hand. The purple haired female smiled down at the black haired one. "Don't worry. They'll come home. Safe and Sound."

The baby turtle just stared at her before looking at the entrance to the Lair. Raph was watching her. He smiled and had to be dragged out of the Lair by Mikey, who was speaking about something...


Angel layed on the floor next to her charge. Hana was playing with a wooden train while the older female was working on her school work. They had just finished eating dinner and was now relaxing in the living room. Well, Hana was. Angel on the other hand, was trying to understand chemistry. She grumbled and heard the turtle giggle. The human looked at her, to see that the young mutant was running the train over a mat that Don had found in the junkyard. It had roads and tracks drawn into the fabric and Hana was following the train tracks on the mat.

The teen girl smiled at that and brought over her back pack. She rummaged through it until she found the things she wanted. Bright violet eyes watched her as she continued to rummage through the bag that had the picture of 4 turtle on it. Angel had picked this bag and for an inside joke, she colored bandanas onto the turtles. The purple haired girl gave a mini cry of victory as she pulled out a thick coloring book and a box of the large sized crayons.

Hana's eyes locked onto those with curiosity. Angel placed them in front of her, saying "Here ya go." The young mutant stared at them before opening the coloring book. A smile of awe came from her as the coloring book was filled with pictures of turtles and activities that involved turtles. A smile appeared on Hana's sitter's face as said turtle opened the crayon box. Tongue sticking out of her face, the youngest mutant turtle began to color...


Raph flew over the roof tops as they made their way home. They had successfully broke into the veterinary clinic and not only did they pick up some medicine for Splinter, but for Klunk too. It drove the emerald turtle up the wall, for he was worrying about Hana. Sure she was home but that didn't mean shit for dick to the father. Splinter was the only one who could protect Hana at home, but he was sick. Like, he could barely move sick. Angel was not Raph's first choice but they had to use her as a baby sitter.

April was busy with family things and Casey, well, Hana and him got along like oil and water. She tolerated him enough for her father but aside from that, no thanks. Leatherhead himself was out, doing something as well. If it wasn't for the fact that all four of the turtles needed to be there, then Raph would have stayed at home. He glanced at his watch again, seeing that it was now 10:18 PM. They had only been gone for a couple of hours and it was still driving Raph nuts.

He almost shouted in relief when Leo said, "Time to go home." So, now they were on their way back to the Lair. With Raph in the lead. Mikey panted behind him.

"Raph!! Can we PLEASE take a break?? I'm dying here!!"

The tallest turtle looked behind him to see his brothers were indeed panting and were short of breath. He growled and skidded across a roof top. Glaring at them, he looked to Leo, who was resting against an AC Unit. "We don't have time for this. I thought youse guys were better than this."

Donnie flipped off Raph, using his bo staff as a crutch. The youngest out of the male turtles whined, "Jesus Raph, we are all not built like a friggin tank!!"

The eldest turtle spoke, "Agreed. Good lord Raph, what are you made from?"

The purple banded turtle piped up from where he was resting, "I know what he is made of. Insanity, Rage and a shell lot of stupid."

That caused said turtle to growl deeply as the others laughed. Eye ridge twitching, the amber eyed turtle said, "Well, this just goes to show that I am in more shape than youse guys. I coulda swore that Mikey WAS the fastest. Guess not."

The Battle Nexus Champion glared at the turtle. "Well EXCUSE the shell out of me!! I am just in a slump right now!!"

The red banded turtle scoffed. "You ain't in a slump. You are just lazy and besides, what if Hana says Angel's name tonight instead of yours Mikey? What then?"

Mikey gave his trademark girly scream and began running in the direction of the Lair. "Come on guys!!! We need to hurry!!!"

Smirking, Raph ran after his youngest brother. Leaving his other brothers on the roof. Don shook his head, getting ready to run after the two warm color banded turtles when he looked at Leo. The leader of the group was staring at the ground, fist clenched.

"Leo?" the purple banded turtle asked.

"Huh? What's up Don?"

Warm brown eyes looked at his own grey ones. "Everything okay?"

Leo smiled, "Yeah. I'm okay. Let's just go home."

He ran off before Donnie could say anything. The scientist sighed, for he knew that was one of Leo's signature fake smiles. The olive skinned turtle couldn't help but wonder what the fearless leader was thinking...


Angel looked up from where she was laying. It had been a couple hours since she gave Hana the coloring book and the turtle tot was curled up next to her, sleeping. The coloring book was laying open near the baby turtle. But what made Angel look up from her chemistry homework was the arrival of the turtles. Raph made a beeline towards where the human was laying with his daughter, who was curled up under her favorite blanket. The purple haired girl went up onto her knees, accidentally waking up Hana.

The turtle tot yawned, rubbing her eye with one hand; the other was gripping onto the emerald green blanket. She blinked and looked around, wondering what had woke her. Her violet eyes landed onto the form of her daddy, making her chirp in happiness.

He picked her up and nuzzled her cheek. "Hey honey. Did she behave?" this was directed to Angel, who was packing up her homework.

The older girl looked at the turtle. "Yep. She behaved. Hana is a good kid."

Raph walked Angel over to the entrance to the Garage, where he brother would be picking her up at. Mikey was already waiting for the two by the door. Don and Leo went to go give Splinter his medicine, so they were not there when this happened.

As Angel was leaving, Hana said "By Angel-nai-chan. Let's play again soon."

Mikey's jaw hit the floor as Angel stared at her. The human girl giggled and said, "Yep. Real soon."

Raph laughed as his younger brother began to anime cry. Hana looked at her uncle with a "WTF?" face  and Angel laughed as well...


The coloring book that was on the floor was open, showing a colored in picture of four turtles. One was orange, blue, purple and red. Then, drawn in the middle of them was a baby turtle that was bright yellow...


End Chapter!!! I know, another filler but the next one is going to be the one that I will somewhat hate writing....SAINW....TT.TT

Reviews please!!!!!
The next chapter of "Lullaby"!!! Comment if you like!!
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