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More of the amazing "Lullaby"!!!! In this, we will hear Hana's first WORD!!! X333 Keep reading to find out more of this adorable turtle tot!!!

Disclaimer: I do not own TMNT. I own Hana...that's it....


Raph groaned as he opened his eyes. The last thing he remembered was Donnie telling him that Hana was his kid. After that? Nothing. 'Guess that means I fainted. Great.' thought the emerald turtle as he sat up. He glanced around to see that his family had moved him onto the couch and was now staring at him. Hana, who was playing on the floor, looked up at him. It tugged at the toughest turtle's heart when he saw her face light up.

The female turtle got up and all about flew to where Raph was resting. He smiled at her, to show that he was alright. "Hey kid." he glanced away from his daughter to where his father was watching his stories. "How long was I out?"

Mikey spoke from where he was lounging on the floor. "A couple hours. You nearly gave Hana a heart attack by the way."

Raph's amber eyes went back to the turtle tot, who was now nuzzling his plastron. "Sorry Hana." he whispered to her, hugging her tight. Bright violet eyes blinked at him before her smile turned into a face breaking grin.

Standing up, with Hana in arms, Raph made his way to the kitchen. In the kitchen was Casey and Leo, both staring at their drinks. Leo's hands grasped around his tea cup while Casey was just holding a still full bottle of beer. Placing Hana down, the emerald turtle said, "What's with the long faces?"

Both older males heads looked up at Raph. Casey moved to get out of his chair, but Raph held up a hand. "Where's April?" he asked.

Casey said, "She's wit Don. Said something about figurin out Hana's ma."

Nodding, Raph made his way to the fridge while his daughter went to go sit at the table. Leo didn't say a word as he watched Hana. The little girl heaved herself up onto a chair, peeking her violet eyes over the table. Her father sat down, a bottle of beer in one hand and a bottle of apple juice in the other.

"So, what happened after I, ya know." He asked as he opened the juice, passing it to the black haired turtle. She gave a noise of joy before grabbing the bottle. A smirk appeared on Raph's face as he opened his drink.

The only male human spoke to his best friend, "Well, Hana freaked out. Thinkin youse died or somethin. Aside from that, we just moved your heavy shell over to da couch. Splinta said youse was acceptin the information that Don dropped."

Raph raised an eye ridge. "Heavy shell? I weigh less than youse Casey Jones."

That broke the ice that had formed around the vigilante. "Me? Naw man. I am 100% Muscle."

The red banded turtle snorted, "100% Muscle head. Youse hardly think bonehead."

Hana moved her head back and forth as her dad and his best friend bickered back and forth. She grew tired of the play fighting (which was growing louder with each insult) and decided to watch her silent uncle. He hadn't moved since she entered his line of sight. Getting out of the chair, the young turtle went up to him. Leo still watching her. Hana tilted her head to side, as if she was studying him. After several minutes, Hana just smiled at him.

Leo's eyes widened in surprise as she walked away from him and back to her daddy. Totally confused, the fearless leader watched as she grasped her father's hand and pull him away from Casey, the two still bickering as the emerald turtle left the kitchen...

~~~Scene Change~~~

Several Weeks later...

Raph grunted as he punched the sand bag. The tallest turtle threw another punch. It had been a few weeks since they had found Hana and discovered that she was Raph's daughter. What was even more shocking was that Donnie and April found out that not only was Hana Raph's kid, but half-human as well. It seemed (from what the two scientists unveiled) that Bishop wanted to make humans that had the turtle's healing ability and their other mutant talents.

So, the insane agent decided to take a human egg and give it some Raph DNA. 9 months later, we have Hana.

That made Raph want to rip Bishop apart limb by limb. But what stopped the emerald turtle from doing that was that Bishop had disappeared off their radar. Hopefully for good.

They had also discovered something else about Hana. The young turtle tot was a freaking genius. She was being taught by Donnie and April. Reading and math she absorbed like a sponge and Hana could already do long division. It shocked the turtles on how smart she was and Mikey had said, "Okay, she must have gotten her smarts from her mom." when they found out.

That comment made Mikey have extra training time with Raph. Splinter also found out that Hana was very skilled in ninjutsu. She was taking to it like a fish to water. Hana could move in ways the brothers could have only dreamed of when they were children. Leo could hide it very well that he was somewhat jealous of his niece. For she was advancing through the lessons faster than he did. Raph, on the other hand, was very proud of his daughter.

Raph grunted again as he punched the sand bag. He looked over to his right to see Hana practicing some katas. Noticing her footing was off, the taller turtle went over to her and corrected it. Hana looked up at her father to see he was doing the same move as her. Only that his footing was different. Hana watched him perform the move flawlessly and copied it.

The amber eyes turtle smiled as she corrected her footing. Hana made a noise of victory as she performed the move. Raph laughed at her, showing that he was proud. It made the tiny turtle giggle with her father. Both turtles were unaware of Leo watching them...

~~~Scene Change~~~

Mikey watched as his older brother nodded to himself. It was going to be the first run Raph had since Hana appeared. Splinter had decided that Raph wasn't allowed to go topside. Not since Hana appeared. After much pleading and a few cases of bribery (Splinter loved Buffy) Raph was allowed to FINALLY go on a midnight run. Provided he had somebody to watch Hana.

Raph managed to convince April to do it. Mikey grinned as he remembered how his older brother conned April to watch the female turtle. Seemed Raph had said something about a young impressionable female turtle living with a bunch of men had convinced the red head to watch Hana for the night. April had also said something about getting Hana to wear clothes, which confused the older turtles.

The aqua turtle hopped off the couch when he saw that Raph had finished getting Hana's overnight bag ready. "A'right. She's got her book, juice and hairbrush. Her spare bandana is in there, as well as her spare night shirt." the emerald turtle listed off to himself. Sitting on the floor playing with her wooden train was Hana. This was also the baby turtle's first time going Topside since she arrived.

The older turtles didn't know how she would handle it but they decided that if she freaked the fuck out (Mikey's words) then they would go home. Don was sitting next to Hana, still trying to get her to speak. She had yet to say a word since she arrived 6 weeks ago and  April had told them that she was probably traumatized from Bishop, so it would be a while since the turtle tot would be able to speak.

Raph had no problem, as did Leo. But Mikey and Don wanted to hear their niece speak. Hell Mikey was trying to get Hana's first word to be "Pizza" "Uncle Mikey" or "Cowabunga." Raph had threatened to skin Mikey alive if Hana's first word was any of those. Everyone else agreed with the emerald turtle. So, now it was Donnie who was trying to get her to speak.

"Come on Hana. Say 'TRAIN'!" coaxed the olive skinned turtle. Hana just looked at him before going back to play with her favorite toy. Don hung his head and sighed.

Leo walked up to the group. "Come on guys. We had better leave now if we want to make it there before 11."

The other turtles nodded and Raph grabbed Hana's bag and Hana herself. She was gripping the toy as Raph placed her on his hip. As they walked to the entrance to the Lair, Splinter stopped them. "Be careful my sons. And granddaughter. Have a safe journey and tell Miss O'Neil that we have a training session next week."

Mikey nodded, as did the rest of his brothers. Leo walked up to their adopted father. "We will be careful. We won't do anything dangerous."

Splinter smiled softly at his family. "That is all I wish for my sons. Now, I do believe Hana has a play date?"

That caused chuckles to go around the male turtles, leaving a confused Hana...

~~~Scene Change~~~

Hana giggles reached Raph's ear hole, causing the emerald turtle to grin. Piggy backing on her daddy's back, Hana looked around the bright lights of New York with wide eyes. The lights and sounds from the city had spooked her at first, but then her daddy had showed her that there was nothing to be scared of. It was just light and noise. That's all it was. And boy did the young child love it!

The wind in her hair from her daddy running made her giggle and she squealed with laughter every time they jumped a building. Raph had decided against using the Battle Shell, for they were just going out for a quick run, not chasing Hun over the city. And also, Raph didn't want to scare Hana with the armored truck. She had freaked when he brought her up to the garage the first time he and Don decided to try to rebuild the Shell Cycle. What happened was that Hana screamed and began to cry when she first heard the roar of the engine.

The older turtles decided to try again later with Hana working in the garage, when she was older was the unspoken agreement. Raph smiled as he heard Hana laugh again. The turtles landed on a roof that was close to April's. Leo held up a hand, causing all of them to fall silent. Mikey and Don's hearts sunk a bit when they saw the laughter and happiness die on Hana's face.

Leo looked over the edge of the building to see some Purple Dragons mugging a poor woman. "We've got trouble." said the blue banded turtle. Raph placed Hana on the ground.

"Let's just go Leo. I've got precious Cargo here. We can come back once Hana is safe." said the emerald turtle. That caused the eldest turtle to glare at his younger brother.

"We stop them first. Make sure Hana is safe up here before coming down to assist up. Don, Mikey, let's go."

Raph growled as his brothers (two of the hesitant) went to fight the thugs. The father moved Hana over to the shadows of an AC unit. He placed her bag next to it. "Okay honey. Daddy's got to go deal with your stupid uncle and some idiot thugs. Stay here and stick to the shadows. I will be back as soon as I can okay?"

Hana looked confused but when Raph went to pull away, she gripped onto his arm. Violet eyes were filled with fear as she looked up at her father. Raph covered her tiny hand with his own. "I will come RIGHT back. Okay? I promise."

He gently pried her hand off of his arm and moved away. She made a noise that Raph recognized. She was scared. The older turtle looked at her from where he was and made the noise he first made when they met. Before Hana could move, Raph went and joined his brothers....

~~~Scene Change~~~

Raph dusted off his hands as the Purple Dragons ran for it. The old lady that they had rescued had taken a stray pipe to the head and Don had called an ambulance. She was out cold but otherwise alright. She didn't see them, which was a plus in Raph' book. He looked to his brothers. Mikey was blowing a raspberry in the direction of the fleeing thugs while Leo sheathed his swords. Don was making sure that the old lady was in a comfortable position before they left.

But before Raph could open his mouth to round up his brothers, a dark chuckle the turtles knew all to well came down from above. Blood running cold, Raph looked up to see Hun standing on top of a building. The same building that Raph left Hana.

The huge man chuckled again, "Well well well. Look what the cat dragged out."

Leo growled, "Hun! What do you want?!"

Hun laughed, "Why nothing from you turtles. Except for this!" He reached behind him and pulled out Hana.

All of the turtles yelled out, "HANA!!"

The baby mutant struggled against the large human, tears falling from her face.

Raph growled, "Let. Her. Go. Hun!!"

Hun smirked, "I think not. The Master will want to see her. Perhaps have her head hanging in his office."

Laughing, Hun jumped up, grabbing a hold of the rope ladder that appeared out of nowhere. The turtles' eyes followed the Purple Dragon Leader as he hopped onto the now visible copter. Raph screamed out, "HANA!!"

What happened next shocked the turtles. Hana reached out a hand and cried out "DADDY!!"

All of the turtles began screaming her name, as the copter flew away. Raph could still hear Hana screaming for him...

End of Chapter....

Of gods I am tearing up. Hana has been TAKEN by HUN! And she said her first word!! Remember, read and Review!!!!
Chapter 4 of "Lullaby" Please don't kill me!!!
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