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September 24, 2012
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Another chapter of "Lullaby"!!! I am LOVING the feedback on this story. And I love writing it. This will be a very important chapter. I am going to use actual events from my family that Hana will do. So, you know the drill.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own me, it would be a bad Idea...

Raph groaned as he heard his alarm clock blare out Avenged Sevenfold. The emerald turtle had fallen asleep at his desk, thinking all sorts of scenarios that involved Hana being one of his brothers. He looked at his alarm clock. It said 6:15 AM. With another groan, Raph lashed out his foot. It connected with the bit of plastic, sending it to it's doom. An evil smile shot across the sai-wielding turtle's face as he heard it smash.

Once it went silent, Raph looked over at his hammock. Staring at him was Hana. Either the alarm clock woke her or his snoring, the older turtle didn't know but what he did know was that she needed to go to the rest room. She was whimpering and crossing her legs. Raph got up, popped his back and went over to the child. Violet eyes stared at him as he picked her up.

"Alright kid, time to go to the bathroom." Raph carried her out of his room and towards the bathroom. On his way, he noticed that Don was still working in his lab and that light was on in the kitchen. Rolling his eyes, the hot head of the group went into the bathroom. Once there, he placed Hana down on the floor.

"Right. Now." He looked at her as she looked around. Raph stood by the toilet. "Please tell me you know how to use this."

Hana tilted her head to the side, confused. The emerald turtle felt a blush go across his face. "Damn. Okay. Uh...." Raph popped his head out of the bathroom, "DONNIE!!! I need you!!" he yelled. Once that was done, the red banded turtle went and leaned against the sink, staring at the curious turtle tot.

Soon, Don entered the bathroom, looking pissed. "What is it Raph? I'm a bit busy here!"

The emerald turtle pointed at Hana. "How do female turtle go Don?" he asked bluntly.

Olive skin darkened as Don realized the problem. "Um...well...I am not particularly sure. Let me call April."

Amber eyes rolled as Don quickly grabbed his shell cell. Hana, ignoring the flustered males, looked around. Her eyes rested on the toilet and a flash of a memory entered her mind. She grimaced before blinking rapidly. Hana looked at the porcelain bowl before going up to it. Raph was watching at her, ignoring the flustered Don behind him. The black haired turtle walked up to the toilet and climbed up onto it.

Both male turtles' blushed and quickly left the bathroom, leaving a very confused turtle tot in the room an a confused April on the phone...


Leo sighed as he took a sip of his morning tea. He had woken up to Raph's yelling and decided to was time to get up if Raph was yelling. He was now on his way to waking up and feeling like normal. The leaf green turtle wasn't a morning person and tried to sleep in whenever he could. But today seemed one of those days. As the fearless leader continued to sip his tea, he remembered that they now had a turtle tot on their hands.

He sighed, looking at his cup. He had stayed up later than usual, thinking about the child. Leo was scared to death, for if it was his, what would he do? He already had to take care of his brothers, so adding another turtle to the list was going to be difficult. Add to the fact that it was FEMALE sent big warnings in the blue banded turtle's mind. They had never SEEN a female turtle before. Only on TV when Donnie accidentally found a documentary showing the life of turtles.

Needless to say, when the mating season portion came on, all four of the turtles fled the living room as fast as they could.

Leo looked away from his tea when he heard somebody entering the kitchen. It was Raph and glued to his leg was Hana. Following them was Don. He was on the phone with a very angry April, from what Leo could hear. The red banded turtle was chuckling as he placed Hana on a chair.

The leaf green turtle mouthed "April?" His brother nodded and went to make some breakfast for both himself and the turtle tot that was now staring at Leo. Sipping his tea, the leader observed the black haired turtle. Her wide violet eyes were taking in everything. Documenting where everything was. He raised both eye ridges as he realized she had his mind at taking in everything, sorting it like a computer.

Raph placed a small bowl of oatmeal in front of her and sat down next to the turtle tot. Hana smiled at him, face brightening up. Apparently the smile was contagious, for the red banded turtle gave a real smile. And shocking the eldest turtle. Raph rarely smiled, and if he did, then either he thought it was funny or was causing somebody pain. Leo shook his head, dispelling the thoughts of his younger brother. Returning his attention to Hana, the turtle saw that she was eating.

But she was still aware of her surroundings. It impressed him slightly, for a young turtle her age could act like him, a trained ninja. It also saddened him, for she was just a child. The only thing she should worry about is having fun. Leo snapped his head up as Don sat down at the table with a huff.

"Damn." he said, making the other turtles worry slightly. For Donnie rarely cursed.

"What's up Donnie-boy?" Raph asked, taking a spoonful of food.

Don rubbed his hands over his eyes. "Oh, nothing. Except that April is coming over tonight. With supplies for Hana."

Leo shifted in his seat. "That doesn't seem too bad."

The scientist looked at his eldest brother. "She is bringing Casey."

That caused Leo to groan and Raph to curse under his breath. Hana just ignored them, enjoying her food.

"Why in the shell is she bringing him?" asked Leo. The olive skinned turtle rested his head on the table, feeling a headache form in his skull.

"Apparently she is giving Hana some of her old things, what with her being a girl."

That made Raph raise an eye ridge. "So? She's a turtle."

Donnie raised his head, resting his chin on the wooden table. "I am quoting April here, 'For it is indecent for a girl her age to run around naked.'"

His two older brothers blinked before shaking their heads. "Shell when we were her age, we ran around naked as the day we were hatched." stated Raph, taking another bite of food.

The purple banded turtle sighed, getting up. "Yeah but we are all male. We've never had a female turtle before. April wants her to wear clothes so that when Hana does start to, pardon the pun, bloom she won't be indecent."

Raph stared at his younger brother before shaking his head again. Leo just sighed as Don began to make coffee. "Onto a hopefully less confusing topic, when will we know whose Hana's father?" asked the blue banded turtle.

The emerald turtle choked on his food as Don glanced back at his eldest brother. "This evening. Around the same time April will arrive with Casey. She wants to know too."

Grumbling, Raph stood from the table. He headed towards the sink, empty bowl in hand. After placing it in the sink, he went over to Hana. "You done?" he asked her.

Leo felt his heart sink as he saw how much she ate. Well, how little she ate actually. There was barely a dent in the oatmeal. Raph just wrapped up her leftovers in tin foil and placed it in the fridge. The other turtles straightened once they saw Splinter enter the kitchen. The wise rat just smiled as he saw Hana get out of her seat and hid behind Raph's leg.

The tall turtle just patted her head, making her look up at his face. "It's okay Hana. This is Splinter. He is your grandfather."

Leo's eyes widened as he realized Raph's words. Their sensei was now a grandfather. Well, it seemed Splinter didn't mind, for he just chuckled and made some tea. The sai-wielding turtle picked up the tot and placed her in his lap when he sat back down at the table. Don placed a cup of coffee in front of his older brother before sitting down himself.

Hana looked at the robed rat when he sat down. She leaned across the table, sniffing his peach tea. Don bit his lip, in vain for trying not to smile For Hana made a disgusted face at the tea and sat back down in Raph's lap. The turtle she was sitting on had no problem in laughing, making both Leo and Don look at him like he was crazy...


Mikey sat on the floor of their living room, chewing on his thumbnail. The aqua turtle couldn't help it. Don was getting the test results. The Test Results. The ones that would announce who was Hana's father. And speaking of Hana, the turtle tot was sitting in Raph's lap as she played on the floor. In her hand was a wooden train that she was pushing around. The emerald turtle had his arms wrapped around her, leaning over her as she played with the toy. It made Mikey smile somewhat, for Raph was smiling and that it was cute. 'Raph makes a good dad.' thought the orange banded turtle as he watched Hana giggle.

April was sitting on the couch with Casey, whose wide eyes hadn't moved away from Hana since he arrived. Leo was standing away from the main group, as if hoping that if he stayed away then Hana wouldn't be his. Don entered the living room, Splinter in tow. Everyone looked away from the turtle tot to the scientist. The rat went and sat down in his chair, smiling at his granddaughter.

The light skinned tot was wearing one of Casey's old shirts. It was black with a white tribal design on it and it fell to her knees. On her head was a white bandana, somewhat keeping the hair out of her eyes. Splinter looked away from her and to his smartest son. "Well Donatello? What do the results say?"

Don cleared his throat. "The results say that Hana's father is..."


I-I mean, here is the rest of the chapter!! ehehehe (looks at fans nervously

Don cleared his throat. "The results say that Hana's father is Raph."

Silence fell across the room like a ton of bricks. Raph eyes almost popped out of his head as he stared at his younger brother. Everyone looked away from Don to the shell shocked turtle. Mikey said, "Her Raph?!"

That was when Raph did the only thing that came to mind: faint....


Now it is the end of the chapter....Please DON'T KILL ME!!! Read and Review!!!
Chapter 3 of Lullaby...We learn who is Hana's Daddy!!!
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