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Next chapter!! Hope you all like it!!!

Disclaimer: I do NOT own TMNT. And neither does MICHAEL BAY!!!


Raph snickered as he placed Hana down at the kitchen table. Donnie sat down, placing an icepack over his now black eye. April, who was making dinner, gasped as she saw Don. "Don! What happened?" she asked as she ran her fingers lightly over the bruised eye.

Raph roared with laughter, going over to the fridge. Don pointed at his older brother, "Shut up Raph! It isn't funny!!"

The red banded turtle laughter turned to gwaffing, making him lean on the metal box. His laughter gaining the attention of his other brothers, making Leo and Mikey enter the kitchen. Mikey whistled as he saw Don's new shiner, "Damn Don, what happened to you bro?"

Leo raised an eye ridge as Raph began gasping for air from laughing so much. He glanced at Hana, who was sitting on one of the kitchen chairs. She was looking at the emerald turtle with a "What are you doing?" face.

Don growled at his brothers, "Apparently Hana has a fear of needles. And when I tried to draw some blood she freaked." Leo looked away from the turtle tot to his brother. The blue banded ninja coughed to hide the laugh. For not only did Donnie have a black eye, bite wounds covered his face and forearms. He also had some other bruises and a scratch on his cheek.

Raph gasped out, "Don got his ass handed to him by a 5 year old girl!! HAHAHA!!!" Mikey snickered as the scientist glared at him. April shushed Raph, looking over Don's wounds. Leo looked at Hana, realizing that her bangs were slightly cut.

Leo asked, "What happened to her hair?"

Don sighed, moving the icepack, "Well, it was decided to use some of her hair."

"Will it give you the same results if you had blood?" the blue banded turtle asked.

The olive skinned male nodded and winced, "Yes. It will take a bit longer."

Leo nodded and went over to the fridge where Raph was rooting around. The emerald turtle was still chuckling as he rummaged through the metal box. "And what are you doing?"

Amber eyes raised to look at the leaf green turtle. "Finding Hana something to eat. She is hungry and needs food."

Mikey began bouncing up and down, "Oh! I can make her some pizza!!"

Raph emerged from the fridge, holding a jar of applesauce, "No you bone head."

The sea green turtle wilted, "But why?!"

Doctor Donnie spoke as April went back to what she was doing, "For that is considered a heavy food. She hasn't eaten anything like that before either. Her stomach wouldn't take it and reject it."

April nodded, "Yeah. Sorry Mikey. But maybe once she back to full health, you can make her some."

Mikey nodded, watching his second eldest brother. "Okay, so what are you doing Raph?"

The sai-wielding turtle placed a small bowl of applesauce in front of Hana, who had been playing with the ends of her hair. "I made her some food."

The young turtle looked at the bowl for a few seconds before looking up at the taller turtle. He face said, "What the shell am I suppose to do with this?" Raph stared at her before picking up the spoon he got for her and placed it in the mush. Again, she just stared at it. Eye ridge twitching, Raph took a spoonful of applesauce and ate it. Hana's violet widened as realized it was food. The emerald turtle gave her the spoon back, sitting next to her at the table.

Hana slowly scooped up some of the mushed apple and brought it to her lips. She gently placed it in her mouth. Her eyes widened to the size of dinner plates, making the older turtles lean in slightly. Hana swallowed the food in her mouth before digging into the food. Mikey laughed as Don smiled. Raph grinned and placed a hand on her shoulder. Innocent eyes looked up at him.

"Slow down, otherwise you will get sick." he said in a calm tone, showing that he wasn't mad. Hana slowed down in eating, making jaws drop around the kitchen. Leo looked at the turtle tot, then to his hot head brother.

'She actually listened to him....It seems that the world is ending.' thought the fearless leader as April announced that dinner was ready...


Mikey lazed on the couch, feeling full. Dinner was a memorable event. Why? For Hana didn't leave Raph alone. After she had finished the small bowl of applesauce, Raph had taken her to the living room. He placed her on the couch, telling her that she needed to sleep. Hana had nodded and once she was laying down, tucked under a blanket, Raph went back into the kitchen.

Apparently, Hana didn't like that. She had cried out, seeing his carapace moving back into the kitchen. Raph stilled and looked at her. She wasn't laying down anymore. Instead she was running towards him, fear in her eyes. The emerald turtle sighed and took her with him into the kitchen, knowing that she  wouldn't relax if he wasn't around. During dinner, Hana sat in his lap. That gained an evil glare from Leo, who didn't approve of that apparently.

It was also when they had discovered that she was very curious. She watched them all with eyes that Leo recognized. She was breaking down everything and storing it all in her memory. Somewhat like a computer does. It was somewhat disconcerting to have her watch them with her violet eyes. Hana would sometimes look away from them to stare at the turtle she was sitting with. Whenever this would happen, Raph would pat her on the head or rub her back.

It happened all through dinner, which was really strange. Once dinner was over, the turtles went their separate ways. Leo went to meditate; Don to check on the progress of knowing who Hana's father is; Mikey relaxing on the couch; Splinter off to do what Splinter does; April going home; And Raph? Well, he was taking a tired turtle tot to bed.

Raph took Hana up to his room and placed her in his hammock. The black haired child yawned and curled up. A smirk flashed across his face as he tucked her in. Once she was sleeping, Raph sat at his desk and placed his head in his hands.

'I'm not ready to be a father. If she is mine. But what if she is Leo's? Now way, he couldn't do it. Too stuck up. He doesn't have the patience to teach anyways. Don? He would read books and study her. She would be scared most of the time. Has Don even been around kids?' He leaned back against the chair, staring at the ceiling. 'Mikey? Still a kid himself. Fuck we all are. But Mikey is the youngest. He can barely take care of himself, much less a turtle tot. She needs stability.'

Raph closed his eyes, wondering....


End chapter! I know, a bit short but hey, I bet you are wondering who Hana's daddy is right?! That will be relieved soon!!! You know the drill, review/comment!!!!
Chapter 2 of "Lullaby" We get closer and closer on learning who Hana's father is. Who do YOU think it is??
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