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January 3
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Sorry that this has taken forever to post guys....been busy with other things ^^;

Disclaimer: I do not own TMNT....All I own is my OC....Please support the official release


Leo sat down at the table, looking everywhere but at Hana and her father. The young turtle laughed as she played with her dinosaur chicken nuggets before she bit the head off. The fearless leader winced and focused on his own fried chicken Mikey had made. Raph, on the other hand, was giving Leo strange looks as if he knew what was going through his older brother's head.

Leo picked up his fork and stabbed at the dirty rice that was on his plate.....


Don sighed as he washed the dishes. He could hear Raph getting Hana ready for bed, her laughter bubbling from the bathroom. A soft smile over came the purple banded ninja's face, knowing that this would not have been a couple of months ago. Little Hana was changing and for the better. Tomorrow was something that the whole family was fretting over. Tomorrow was Sunday and that was when Leatherhead would arrive with Galileo. The turtles did not know how Hana would react to Galileo now that she wasn't on coffee.

Don placed the plate he was washing down, looking down. He blinked back the tears that threatened to spill and shook his head. Now was not the time to feel sorry for himself. Instead he focused on how Leo was acting at dinner. The fearless leader didn't yell at Raph to make Hana stop playing with her food. He was quiet the entire time, clearly thinking over something. Don bit his lip as he thought about what his older brother was thinking.....


It was now 8 and it was time for one little turtle tot to be in bed. She sat on the floor in front of her daddy, letting him brush her black hair. In her hands was the story book she picked and was slowly reading it, getting some help from her daddy.

“Cinderella picked up the dress, smiling as she twirled around with it in her hands. Her friends cheered happy that Cinderella was happy.”

Hana paused and looked up at her daddy. “Daddy?”

“Yes? What is it?” He didn't pause in brushing her hair, making sure to get all of the knots out of her hair.

Hana looked back at the book, a look on her face. “Will I ever get to wear a pretty dress?”

Now Raph did stop. He leaned over and saw the sad look on his baby's face. “You will sweetie. You see, there is a holiday that will be coming up called Christmas. And on that day, we will be having friends over to have a big dinner with us.”

A confused look came over the child's face. “So?”

Raph chuckled. “Well you see, when we have everyone over, you will be wearing the prettiest dress that you will ever see.”

Hana's violet eyes widened before a smile threatened to break her face. “I will?”

“Yep. Daddy has gotten hidden away so it won't get dirty.” he said, going back to brushing her hair.

Hana jumped up, startling her father. “When is Christmas?! I want to see my pretty dress!! Can I Daddy?!”

Raph leaned back, a laugh escaping him. “Christmas isn't for a few more months sweetie. It is only July. Christmas is in December. And I told you, Daddy hid your dress so it wouldn't get dirty. You have to wait to see it. Okay?”

His daughter pouted and sat back down. “Do I have to wait that long?”

He went back to brushing her hair. “Yes otherwise it won't be the prettiest dress you've ever seen. Now, look at that! Your hair is all done. You know what time it is now don't you?”

Hana smiled and grabbed her story book. She climbed into her bed, a large smile on her face. “Night night time?”

Raph nodded and dimmed the lights. “Night night time. Let's finish that story first. Okay?”

A soft giggle came from the five year old. “Okay.”


Raph quietly slid from his room, keeping the door cracked since Hana was still scared of the dark. He made his way downstairs to Don's lab, knowing that the genius was still up. His younger brother was currently sitting at his computer, typing away.

The emerald skinned turtle knocked on the doorway gaining Don's attention. “Don, I need your help.”

An eye ridge rose. “Oh? Is something wrong?”

Raph came into the lab and pulled up a chair next to the purple banded turtle. “Kinda. You see, Hana was reading Cinderella tonight for her bed time story and asked me something.”

“Did she ask where babies come from?” Don asked.

Raph shook his head. “I wish. No, instead she asked me if she would ever have a pretty dress.”

Don gained a strained look. “Ah. I see. And what did you tell her?”

And so, Raph told him what he told Hana. The brothers sat there in the darkness for a while before Don said, “Well, I know how we can do this?”

“And that is what?” the red banded ninja asked.

“You see, it is only July. We have some time to get or make a dress for Hana. She won't grow to terribly fast so whatever we make now can work. Now,” he reached over and grabbed a scratch sheet of paper and a pencil. “Let us make a design for the prettiest dress Hana will ever see.”

Raph stared at him for a few seconds before laughing...


Leo smiled as he felt the beginnings of his morning tea take effect. It would be a couple of hours before young Hana would wake and for him to finally thank her for the drawing she made him. Leo's smile faded as Don and Raph came into the kitchen, a pad of paper in Don's hand. The tallest turtle went over to the coffee machine and turned the thing on. Don, on the other hand, sat down at the table immediately flipping through the sheets of paper.

“Okay, it is official. We are not fashion designers....We need professional help bro.” the olive skinned male said.

Raph brought over two steaming cups of coffee and sat down. “Great. I say we should call April in a little bit.”

Leo coughed. “Um, what is going on?”

Don sipped at his coffee. “Well here is what is going on.” And so the two other turtles explained what they were doing to their eldest brother. After a while, they finished their tale and Leo looked at them.

He took a drink of his cooled tea before asking, “May I see what you have come up with?”

The two younger males forked over their designs to him and sat back, drinking their own drinks. Leo flipped through the designs and gained a pensive look. “Well, you aren't a total loss....BUT these are rather......”

Raph grunted. “Just say it, they are all shit.”

The fearless leader shook his head. “Not that. They are just....different. Now,” he reached over and took the pencil from Don. “If you guys took the bow belt from this dress and placed it on this one, it wouldn't look so bad. Just as long as you got rid of the collar on it and replaced it with this one.”

His brothers stared at him before Raph said, “Leo, go nuts bro.”

Leo chuckled and took the designs they made. “Okay, since it is Sunday, no morning training. I'll be working on this. I take it this is a surprise for Hana?”

He received nods. “Thought so. I'll be working in my room. When Mikey gets up, send him to me please.”

He left the room, already working on the dress design....


Okay, this where I am ending the chapter. Why? Cuz I can XD Hope you all enjoyed it!! :)
And BAM! Another chapter of Lullaby :3
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Shadowlover1796 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG! Leo the dress designer, I would have never guessed! LOL
Awesome story so far! when do you think you'll be done with chapter 17?
SyoshoHiataki Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hopefully soon...I am waiting for my beta to return it
Shadowlover1796 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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ok, leo is a fashion designer and mikey is going to help? i'm dying from laughter when mikey said they weren't fashion designers! XD, plus, since donnie wants one, make one more for donnie at least! all though it'd be cool if thy all had daughters. i cant wait for the next chapteer
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