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January 10, 2013
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Okay! Newest Chapter of "Lullaby"! And remember, Read and Review!

Disclaimer: I do NOT own TMNT. Bad Idea that. All I own is my OC's!


The turtles and company quickly made their way back to Leatherhead's home with their newest addition in tow. Mikey was holding it as Don tried to see what he could fix on the way to the older mutant croc's home. Raph was trying to keep the child's attention away from the pain as Don and Mikey tried to set it's broken tail. Splinter was being checked over by Professor Honeycutt, as the good man, uh, robot had more experience in dealing with whatever fluid the mutant rat had gotten into contact with.

Leo, on the other hand, couldn't help but wonder what they were going to do with this newest mutant child. Soon, all of them arrived at their friend's home and when they entered his lair, what they saw shocked them. Hana was apparently using Leatherhead as some sort of jungle gym. She kept scrambling over his shoulders and head, babbling. Donnie couldn't help but chuckle at the scene. Mikey gently placed the mutant croc child on the floor and watched as Raph whistled.

His daughter stopped moving, hanging upside down on the back of her Uncle Leatherhead's neck. The minute she saw the red banded turtle, she squealed. Releasing the scientist's neck, Hana dropped to the floor, twisting her body like a cat. Hitting the ground running, the turtle tot ran to her father. Raph's amber eyes widened as Hana launched herself at him. He grunted as his daughter glomped him. Staggering, he looked at the five year old. And she was talking a mile a minute.

"Daddy! Guess what? Uncle Leatherhead is amazing! He had some bitter drink that he left on his desk and I tried some. It tasted like something really nasty. As Casey would say, like shit! But man, I can't stop moving! I like being like this! It is fun! Where did you go? Are you okay? You look beat up! Jiji! Your back! Good! Cause we almost missed story time but Uncle Leatherhead doesn't have TIVO so, we went back to the Lair and used it to record story! Oh! IT was awesome! After that, we came back here were I stole some of his drink! Is this the stuff that Mommy-Donnie keeps drinking? Ohh! New friends! Hi! Uncle Mikey! My Doll ripped! Can you fix it?"

Raph placed his hand over Hana's mouth, muffling her speech. Everyone stared at her as she continued to speak, ignoring the fact that her Daddy's hand covered her mouth. Leatherhead collapsed on his couch. "Thank God you are back. I was about to go insane." said the mutant crocodile. Leo slowly went around his brother and hyper niece and sat down next to the tired male.

"What happened?" he asked.

Leatherhead looked at the eldest turtle. "It is as young Hana has said. I left the room to find something for her to play with but it seems that while I was distracted, she decided to try some of my coffee."

Mikey chuckled as he looked at his niece. She was now climbing all over her father, like what she was doing with LH earlier. Splinter shook his head at his granddaughter's antics before saying, "Well, I am glad to see that you are well Leatherhead. But I am afraid we must deliver some news."

That made the tallest mutant reptile look at the mutant rat. "What happened?" he asked, worry in his tone.

Don slowly walked up to his best friend, the mutant child seemingly fused to his belt. Leatherhead's eyes widened as they landed on the child. The purple banded turtle spoke, "It seems that Raph's DNA wasn't the only one he decided to play with. Congrats Leatherhead. You have a child. A son from what I can tell."

The son of Leatherhead released Donnie's belt and limped to his father, curiosity in his amber eyes. The larger crocodile kneeled down, looking at his son. Neither one of them spoke as they continued to stare at each other. The two mutant crocodiles did not move for several minutes, just continuing to stare at each other. Mikey and Don were beginning to get more than a bit worried while Leo was looking on in confusion. Splinter, on the other hand, smiled and turned to his sons.

"Come my sons. Let us leave them in peace. Professor Honeycutt, do you have any tea here?"


It was later on after Leatherhead and his son had first met and the larger mutant croc had named the new mutant child Galileo. It caused the Turtles to laugh and their father to chuckle. Seemed with the exception of Hana, Splinter, and Leatherhead, the rest of them were named after Italians. Much to the android's confusion. Now, they were all eating dinner in Leatherhead's dining room. Mikey had called April and begged for pizza and the red headed woman agreed.

Bringing Casey with her to deliver the food, both humans were shocked when they saw the newest addition to the family hanging off of his daddy's belt. Galileo stared at the new humans with shock and fear. Until Hana went and all about tackled her Auntie April to the floor. Seemed that she was still wired from her Uncle Leatherhead's coffee.

And it was agreed within the group to never let the turtle tot have coffee. Not until she was older.

But right now, Hana was curled up next to her daddy, munching on a slice of meat lover's pizza. Leatherhead was across from them, eating soup with his son. Don was talking to April over a box of vegetarian pizza while Splinter and his two other sons were arguing about cheesy martial arts movies. Casey was sitting with his best friend, laughing as Hana stole a bite of her daddy's pizza. Galileo watched them all with a strange look in his young eyes. It was as if he was confused by their behavior but at the same time, it was like he understood it too.

Glancing out of the corner of his eye, Leo looked at his younger brother's best friend's son. The baby croc was sipping soup out of a cup, looking at the familiar scene. It frankly scared the eldest turtle that there was another mutant child. But according to Don, Galileo was technically older than Hana. By how much, the purple banded turtle did not know but enough for Galileo to be the older of the two children. And it also proved that Bishop was not afraid to keep making mutant children for his goals. If the crazy agent decided to make another one, then whose DNA would be next?

Don's? Mikey's? Or Leo's own? The fearless leader just closed his eyes and returned his focus to his father and brother's argument on Bruce Lee...


Raph pulled the story book to him as Hana hunkered down next to him. She was curled under her blanket and had her Mikey plushie in her arms. She came off of her coffee high a while ago and was now ready for bed. Much to the older mutants relief. And since Hana was too tired and Don didn't want to leave without giving Galileo a full check up, it was decided that there would be a sleep over at Leatherhead's.

So, the biggest mutant went and dragged out the spare mattresses that he owned and made a giant nest in his living room. His bed was pulled out from his couch and there were beds all around it. Mikey was helping Splinter gather blankets for the others while Leo was using LH's bathroom.

Hana giggled as her daddy showed the book he was going to be reading to her. It was "The Kissing Hand" and it was one of Hana's favorites. Raph smiled at her and was about to start reading it when he spotted Galileo peering at them from behind one of the pillars. The emerald turtle smiled at him and said, "Wanna join us Galileo?"

The tinier croc hid a bit more behind the pillar before nodding. Raph lifted the blankets enough for LH's son to dart under. Bright amber eyes looked up at him. The older mutant grinned and made sure both children were comfortable before he started reading...


Leatherhead yawned as he made his way to the kitchen. It was currently 2 am and the large mutant was getting himself some water to drink. But on his way there, he noticed his best friend standing up on one of the many balconies that littered his Lair. Frowning slightly, Leatherhead went up to where Donatello was standing.

Coming up to the shorter male, he looked at him. He could see the olive skinned turtle's shoulder's shaking. Leatherhead could also see that his friend was not wearing his gear nor his mask. It seemed that when the turtles went to sleep, they took off their gear. The taller mutant gently spoke.


Said male jumped and turned, looking at the crocodile. He quickly wiped away the tears that had been streaming down his face. "O-Oh, hey Leatherhead. W-What are you doing?"

Leatherhead calmly went and stood next to Don. "I was about to ask you the same question Donatello. Now, please, tell me, why are you crying?"

The smartest turtle weakly chuckled. "W-Who says that I am crying?"

His friend just raised an eye ridge and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Donatello, please, do not do this to yourself. Be honest with me. Please."

Don hiccuped and broke down. Tears fell from his face and he said, "It's not fair Leatherhead! It's not!"

The croc gathered his friend in a hug. "What is not fair?"

"It is not fair that you and Raph get the one thing I want most in this god forsaken world!" he said in between sobs.

Leatherhead rubbed Donnie's shell, figuring it out but decided to let his friend rant.

"E-Ever since I knew what they were, I wanted a child of my own! One to raise! One to nourish! A child of my own flesh and blood! I knew it would be hard if I ever had one but I didn't care! B-But Fate keeps denying me that right! My own brother! The hot head, got a daughter! My best friend! A son of his own! It isn't fair!"

Leatherhead felt tears prick the corners of his eyes as the mutant turtle sobbed. They both sat there, one crying and the other wondering how cruel Fate was to keep denying his friend of his dream...


And end the chapter...Know you all know why Don seems more attached to the children than any of the others...And I am going to begin writing Galileo and Leatherhead's own story soon! Keep on the look out for it! Read and Review!
The latest chapter of Lullaby!!!!! Please do not kill me for it!!! Also, is making Galileo and Leatherhead's story...need a story name though!!
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I sorry for yelling=P (Razz) 
RaphAndRoll Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Donnie you will get your little one, I promise. And by I promise I mean SyoshoHiataki promises. GIVE SWEET DONNIE A GOD DAMN SON (or daughter)!
ArEl2ins Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013
DONNIE, HONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That just pulled our heart..... :( :( :( :( Just.....ooooooohhhhhhh.
Goddess Syosho, we pray to you so that Donnie's wish becomes true; he would be a great father as he is a great uncle. :pray: :pray: A girl, a boy (or maybe both :meow:), anything, just.....*whimpering with big puppy dog eyes*

It is was SOOOOOOOOO funny seeing Hana high to the heavens :D :D :D :D . We can TOTALLY hear her with her squeaky voice, especially the part saying "As Casey would say, like shit!" Just made us fall to floor, holding our stomach for dear life. :rofl::rofl:

Wonderful as always, honey!!! You bring such a joy to our reading and love for TMNT!!!!!
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SyoshoHiataki Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I know, that bit always makes people cry or tear up TT.TT But have no fear, Donnie will get his own wishes later on within the story :) Just wait and see X3

And yep, Hana being on a caffeine high was a lot of fun to write, only because I had to throw some comedy in with that bit. Felt too serious so had to loosen it up X3

I glad that I do! :) I hope you will stay with the story till the end!!
ArEl2ins Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013

Reply to first part: *squealing like fangirls* :la: :la: :la: :la: !!!!!!

Second part: Very understandable, especially after what they went through. :nod: :nod: But....hehehe, Hana just got high and Leatherhead was about to find a place to hide. :XD: :XD:

TILL THE END!!!! :dummy: :meow: :squee: :love: :nuu: :happybounce:
SyoshoHiataki Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013  Student Digital Artist

XD I am glad that ya'll are happy :)

Yep yep XD
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