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November 23, 2012
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Hello again. Since I am in SUCH a terrific mood, I am producing another chapter of “Lullaby”. This one will be considered a filler. It will explain the first Cover image made by ashitarimai  X333

Disclaimer: I do NOT own TMNT....Trust me, it is better this way.


Raph grunted as he pumped iron. The weights all together weighed a little over 300 pounds. It somewhat scared his brothers on how strong he was. Leatherhead and Casey were in awe and shock of how much the emerald turtle could bench press. The mutant croc was glad that one of his terrapin friends could do that. Hell the crocodile could bench press 500 odd pounds.

The red banded turtle grunted again and heard his daughter going through her katas near him. He stopped lifting weights to look at her. Standing in front of Hana was Splinter, and “sparring” with the turtle tot was Mikey. Hana threw a fist, only for it to be blocked by the older turtle. Her father could tell she was getting frustrated that she couldn't seem to land a hit on her uncle.

Raph got up and made his way over to his father. “So,” he asked when he finally arrived at the old rat's side, “how is she holding up?”

Hana yelled, swinging her fist. Splinter sighed. “Today's lesson is use everything you have to your advantage. She doesn't seem to understand that yet.”

Raph laughed, remembering that lesson. He looked back at his daughter. She kicked at the orange banded turtle, only for him to dance out of her reach. Hana stomped said foot into the ground and glared at the laughing Mikey. The emerald mutant spoke up, “Hana.”

Her violet eyes turned to him. He smiled and said, “Crocodile.” It confused Mikey and Splinter but the younger mutant seemed to have gotten the message. She turned back to her uncle and ran at him. The taller turtle watched her and dodged her fist. Reacting as normal, he lightly kicked out. But apparently he hit her a little to hard and kicked her a few feet. Hana hit the ground, squeaking. Mikey gave his girly scream and ran to her, knowing that Raph was getting mad.

The sea green turtle slid across the ground and stopped next to the now sitting Hana. At this point, big fat tears began falling from her face. Mikey began to panic as his niece began crying. “Oh, it's okay Hana. Uncle Mikey didn't mean too!!”

Hana wiped at her face before doing something that Mikey did not expect. She launched herself at him and pinned him to the floor. That was when both Mikey and Splinter realized what Raph meant. Crocodile tears. A huge smile was plastered on her face as she held her uncle down. The aqua turtle laughed from where he lay.

“Well, well, it seems that Hana is smarter than we thought, huh Sensei?”

The old rat chuckled, “So it seems Michelangelo. Enough training for the day my children and grandchild. Come, it is time for Hana's schooling.”

Mikey groaned but picked up his niece. She laughed and held her arms out to her daddy. The emerald turtle just smiled and took her from his brother's arms. He placed her on his shoulders and carried her to the kitchen. While that was happening, Leo was watching them from the second floor of the Lair. He frowned as he saw the move Hana used to trick Mikey. Tears....Who knew that they would be a little girl's best weapon against the aqua turtle. The leader shook his head and moved into his room to meditate...


Hana giggled as she hid under her blankets in the living room. She and her daddy were playing hide and seek. It was Raph's turn to seek so, the turtle tot was hiding out. She placed her hands over her mouth to silence the giggles that were shaking her chest.

Her father was moving through out the Lair, announcing his every move. From the upper levels, his brothers were watching. Don was smiling, Mikey was giggling and Leo was confused. Raph padded his way over to the living room.

“Now, where could she be? There ain't many places for her to hide!” he said in a louder than normal voice.

The blue banded turtle leaned over and asked, “What on earth is he doing?”

His youngest brother giggled, “Why, playing with Hana. They are playing her favorite game!”

Leo's grey eyes held confusion, so, Don explained. “Hana loved playing hide and seek with her dad and by him speaking, it lets her know that he is playing with her.”

The eldest turtle just grunted and looked back down to where the father was playing with his daughter. Hana giggled again as she peeked an eye out from under her blanket. She saw that her daddy was looking behind the many TVs.

Biting her lip, the little girl decided to make a break for Base, which was the kitchen. But the moment she launched herself over the couch, Raph's head swerved to her. Hopping over the couch, the red banded turtle tore after his daughter. Shrieking with laughter, the white banded turtle tot kept running. But she only managed to get roughly half way to safety when a large emerald arm wrapped itself around her waist.

Hana squeaked as he dad lifted her off the ground.

“GOTCHA!” he cried out, laughter in his voice. The violet eyed girl laughed along side Raph as he placed her on his shoulders. Upstairs, Donnie and Mikey were smiling while Leo just looked at the father/daughter like they were nuts...


Raph smiled as his daughter curled up with him in his bed. He had taken down the hammock and replaced it with a mattress so if Hana had a nightmare, she could easily gain access to her strong, brave daddy. The amber eyes male's smile deepened as he looked at the story Hana brought him to read her. It was “The Rainbow Fish” and it was one of his favorites as a child.

The older turtle looked at her. “You sure you want this one?”

Hana nodded, tightening her hold on the mini Mikey plushie. And it still baffled Raph why Mikey made her a plushie that looked just like the orange banded turtle. Shrugging his shoulders, the emerald turtle went and opened the book. But before he could start reading, his daughter reached up and pulled down his mask, making the red cloth rest around his neck.

He looked at her and grinned. He returned his focus to the book and began to read...


And end chapter!!! I know, a bit short but hey, it is a Raph/Hana bonding chapter with Leo being lost XDDD Read and Review!!!!
Next Chapter of "Lullaby" and I am working on the next chapter as we speak!!
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RaphAndRoll Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
How sweet Daddy and Hana bonding time.
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You could make a Leo and Hana adventure together so Leo will stop being jealous of her right?
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There may be one or two later on :P
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Awww, how adorable! :XD:
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Just wait until we meet Galileo....which is in the next chapter
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orangebarmy Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012
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