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Okay! A new story!!! This one is in honor of the TMNT. Why? Well, apparently Michael Bay is going to come out with a new movie. And he is doing a remake of TMNT....He is going to make them Aliens and Donnie a girl. For more info on this particular rant, please visit my deviantART Journal for more info.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own TMNT. All I own are my OC.


Raphael was pissed. Why? Well, apparently Hun decided to steal his bike....and then proceeded to trash it. Raph loved his bike and was angry that some PUNK trashed it. So, in order to try to calm down, Leo sent the hot head out to scout the sewers near the TCRI area. Some of the sewers were open around that area and Raph had to agree, it left the Lair somewhat open. But as he was making his way to the area, the closest manhole opened. The sai-wielding turtle quickly hid, watching. 'It ain't Maintenance Week. So what the shell is going on?'

Raph stayed silent as he heard muffled voices speak and something drop down into the sewers. He waited until the voices disappeared before approaching the sack that was dropped. A frown marred the red banded turtle's face as he looked at it. It was a normal burlap sack. It didn't seem to dangerous but one can never be to careful. Raphael went down on his knees to open the sack. He reached out, grasping the top. That was when the emerald turtle realized that it was tied and SEWN shut.

'Well, well. Apparently sumbady ain't wantin' people to see what's inside.' With a quick move from one of his sai, Raph sliced open the sack. What he found made his heart almost stop. Sitting in the remains of the bag was a turtle tot. It was smaller than what he and his brother's were when they were around it's age. The turtle tot was dirty and was covered in wounds. Raph could also tell it was half starved. And the shell on the child's back was more like plates than an actual shell.

The skin color of the tot was around Raph's own. Only a couple shades lighter. Black hair covered the kid's head and it went down to it's shoulder blades. The tot scrambled back, whimpering. Raph placed his sai back on his waist, holding his hands up where the baby could see them. Light violet eyes stared at him from behind it's bangs, showing that the turtle tot was scared. Raph began to speak.

"Shush. It's okay. Come here." The child whimpered again, making a careening noise. A deep growl/churr came from Raph. His eyes widened slightly at it. The sai-wielding ninja had never made that noise before in his life. Well, what ever the noise was, it calmed the turtle tot down. Raph moved towards the turtle tot, making the noise again.

The tot launched itself at him, wrapping tiny arms around Raph's thick neck. Raph held onto the kid, standing. "Come on kid, let's get you home." He began walking back to the Lair, wondering where did the Tot come from...


Raph approached the Lair, the tot still in his arms. He didn't know what he was going to tell his family. Raph began rubbing his hand on the child's back, feeling it shiver. The hot head soon entered the Lair, seeing Mikey on the couch. "Yo Mikey! Get Don!"

Mikey looked over the back of the couch only to hop over it faster than a bat out of hell. "Whoa DUDE! Is that a Turtle Tot?"

Raph growled, "No, it's a fucking kitten! Get Don! It's hurt you goof!!" Mikey ran off to find the family doctor as Raph took the tot to the kitchen. He gently placed the baby turtle on the counter, looking for something to begin cleaning it up. Raph found a clean wash cloth and some soap. He picked the tot back up and placed it in the now filling sink. The baby looked up at him, violet eyes wide.

Raph just smiled, gently running water over it. He heard a crash from behind him. Raph looked over his shoulder to see Donnie panting, medical kit in hand. "Mikey said that you were hurt?" Raph raised an eyebrow.

"It ain't me whose hurt Don."

Don growled, "Mikey, I am going to kill you. He knows better than to do that!"

Raph moved enough so that the turtle tot he was cleaning was now visible to the scientist. "It's the little one that needs medical attention Don."

Don's eyes widened and he hurried over to them. Raph looked away from his younger brother to the tot, who was now gripping onto his arm like it was a life line. "Raph, w-what? How?" he said this as he began to check over the scared baby.

"I don't know. I was going to check out the TCRI area, ya know, to make sure none of them Foot Ninja are in da sewers when somebody dropped a sack down a man hole. In it was the little one. Thought getting the little one home was more important than a scoutin mission."

Don glanced away from the cut he was wrapping to his older brother. "Good thing too. From what I can see, this turtle tot wouldn't have lived for more than a couple days. Who ever had it was abusing it."

Raph growled, sending shivers of slight fear down Donnie's spine. The genius remembered vividly of the last time they saw a man hit a kid in front of the emerald turtle. Bastard was sent to the hospital with two broken arms, a shattered leg, punctured lung, almost destroyed rib cage, major concussion and a broken spine. That was when Leo knew not to piss off the turtle. Kid was alright, thankfully. Kept saying how Raph was an angel.

Don was snapped from his memory when he heard Raph growl again. "Don, come look at dis."

Frowning, Don looked over to see what was angering his older brother. What he saw made a growl erupt from his own throat. Tattooed on the bottom of the turtle tot's left foot was a symbol the two brothers knew well. The Earth Protection Force. Aka Bishop.

Don looked up at Raph. "Now it explains where the little one came from and why it is different from us."

Raph snarled, scaring the turtle tot. Don's jaw dropped as he heard a strange noise come from his brother that calmed the baby turtle down. The two finished cleaning and mending the baby and Raph sent Don to find a clean towel to dry the baby off. When Don came back, what he saw made his heart melt slightly.

A large bubble was on the turtle tot's nose and it was giggling. Raph was smiling and gently splashing the baby, causing the giggle to grow in volume. Don rested against the door frame, smiling softly. It had been a while since he saw the hot head smile and that the turtle tot was giggling was cute too. But the adorable scene came to an end when Don approached them. The scientist literally saw the laughter die from the baby's eyes as it saw him. 'Guess it will only trust Raph.' he thought as he handed Raph the towel.

The taller turtle lifted the baby out of the water and wrapped it up. He began drying it off, making sure not to bother any of the wounds they had stitched together. Once the baby was dry, Don began wrapping up the stitched wounds, to make sure no infections would set in. But they both heard a noise from the entrance of the kitchen. Don and Raph turned to see Mikey, Leo, Splinter and April standing there. All had the look of shock, well, except for Mikey.

Mikey squeed and ran at the baby. The turtle tot glued itself to Raph's leg, making a scared squeak. But before Mikey could get close to the frightened child, Raph snarled at his brother, showing his teeth. The aqua turtle froze, staring at his older brother. Who had pushed the turtle tot behind him. "R-Raph?" Mikey asked.

"You are scaring it ya GOOBER!" growled the amber eyed turtle. Splinter gently approached the two turtles.

"My son, please tell me that isn't what I think it is hiding behind you." Raph turned and scooped the turtle tot up into his arms. It attached itself to his neck, peeking at the rest of the group from behind it's now clean hair.

"Sorry Splinter. I found it in the sewers. I couldn't just leave it!" Splinter held up a paw/hand.

"It's alright Raphael. I am just wondering where did the little one come from."

That was when anger flashed across Raph's face. Don spoke before his brother had the chance to. "Raph found Bishop's symbol on the child's foot." Mikey's eyes narrowed and Leo drew his swords.

"Then it is a DANGER!" Leo snarled out. The tot's arms tightened around Raph's neck. Raph growled low in his throat at Leo, his own thick arms tightening around the child.

"You better not be saying what I think youse sayin Leo otherwise youse and me are going to have a problem."

Splinter spoke, "Enough. Leonardo, the child holds no threat. Donatello, what can you tell us?"

Eyes went to the purple banded ninja. Don coughed into his fist. "Well, from what I can tell. Just by observation of course, is that the turtle tot is roughly 3 or 4 years old. Also, from what I remember, the tot is a girl."

That made jaws drop. "How did you figure that one Donatello?" Splinter asked, curiously looking at the turtle tot in his son's arms.

Don coughed again, "Well for one thing, body figure. She is not as, for lack of better words, bulky as we were when we were kids. Also, if you look carefully, she had a slimmer figure. But what really stands out is her hair. I've never seen a Mutant Turtle with hair." The now female turtle tot hid behind her hair. April smiled and went over to the turtle tot. Violet eyes peeked at her from behind a curtain of black hair. The red head rummaged through her purse and brought out her hairbrush she kept there.

April looked at Raph, "May I brush her hair?"

Raph shifted, slightly bouncing the tot up. "It's up to her. What do think little one?" The younger turtle looked from Raph to April. Confusion in her eyes. April mimicked brushing her hair before pointing at the baby turtle. Raph grinned as realization hit the tot. She shyly nodded and Raph put her down. April went over to the kitchen table with the turtle tot and began brushing her ratty hair. Leo observed this with narrowed eyes as Don continued to speak in scientific terms that was confusing Splinter and Mikey.

"But what I don't get Donnie is how Bishop got her." Mikey said.

Don scratched at his head. "From what I remember, Bishop has some of our DNA. No doubt he used it to create the kid. So, congrats are in order." Eyes stared at him.

"Congratulations Donatello?" asked Splinter, confusion in his voice.

Donnie nodded, "Yep for whosoever DNA helped create her was your own. Therefore, she's a daughter to whosoever DNA was used."

Leo paled, Mikey fainted and Raph sat down. Horror in Leo's eyes, he asked "Can you figure out who is the father Don?"

The olive skinned turtle nodded, ignoring Splinter as he revived Mikey. "Sure. I just need some of her blood."

Leo looked at the tot that was having her hair brushed. "Do we need to give any blood?"

Don shook his head. "Nope. Have your stuff on file already."

Raph looked away from his brother to stare at the turtle tot. The ratty hair was now brushed and went down now to above the tot's tail. The emerald turtle couldn't help but smile at her, showing that he liked her new do. April giggled as she watched the tot go over to Raph and hold out her arms. Recognizing that she wanted up, Raph scooped her up.

He began to bounce the tot in his lap, watching as her face bloomed. Splinter looked away from his other sons to look at the little one. She was giggling as Raph bounced her. The wise rat smiled softly, thinking 'This child will help my sons. And if she is Mikey's then perhaps she will make him grow up.'

Speaking of Mikey, the orange banded turtle said, "Hey, if she is one of ours, then she needs a name!"

Splinter beamed, "An excellent  idea Michelangelo."

Everyone turned to look at the girl, who was playing with one of Raph's hands. Mikey smiled, "What about Ellie?"

Raph rolled his eyes, "Yeah. Right."

Don perked up, "What about Aphrodite?" Heads shook.

"Geez Don, what would her nickname be? Phro?" said the only human. Donnie blushed.

Leo spoke, "Elizabeth?"

As the others bounced around ideas, Raph watched the baby in his lap. She was looking at his hand, holding hers up to it. Raph's other hand rested on her head, making violet eyes turn to look at him. She reminded him of a little flower that was waiting to bloom. A small frown made its way across his face before running his fingers through her hair.

She smiled, showing her baby teeth. That was then the frown turned into a smile. "Hana." he said.

The other voices stopped. Splinter looked at his second eldest son, "What was that Raphael?"

Raph didn't look up. He continues to run his fingers through the dark hair. "Her name will be Hana."

The others looked at each other before Master Splinter spoke again, "A wonderful choice my son. For she will be our flower." Splinter walked over to where Raph and Hana were sitting. Hana looked up at the wise rat. The old male places ha paw on her shoulder. "Hana, the flower. It fits well."

And with that, Splinter left the kitchen for his stories were about to come on...
A TMNT Fanfic

Summary: While scouting the sewers, Raph finds a Turtle Tot. Where did she come from? and more importantly, who is the FATHER?
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Ps. Judging by his reaction just from meeting the it wouldn't surprise me if he was the father
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lol just had to state this very good story btw
SyoshoHiataki Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I know!!! i am just glad that out of all the turtles, he picked the smart one to be female. Yay females :iconsarcasticplz:

And thanks X333 I am working on the next bit X3
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