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December 21, 2012
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Next chapter of “Lullaby”!!! And I am also giving some credit to Leaf Ranger on ff. net for helping create the next cute Mutant Child!!!! Say THANK YOU!!!!

Disclaimer: I do NOT own TMNT.....All I own is Hana and Half of Galileo!


Hana looked up from her play area to look at her family. Her grandfather was speaking to her father and uncles before they began meditating. The black haired girl did not like to meditate, for she found it boring. That was something her Uncle Mikey agreed on. Hana rolled over and looked at the male turtles, giggling to herself as they were now upside down.

Splinter just glanced at his granddaughter and chuckled to himself. She reminded the old rat of his own sons when they were her age. Meditating was not in the young turtle's ability...yet. The violet eyes girl giggled when her Jiji smacked Mikey for giving the wrong answer to his question. Raph looked at his daughter and raised a finger to his mouth, signaling that she should be quite. The white banded turtle covered her mouth with her hands and tried to stifle her laughter.

Leo frowned at this, for not only was the female mutant distracting Raph from training but his Sensei as well. Splinter's olive eyes went over to Hana's violet ones, making the turtle tot roll back over and begin to play dress up with her Mikey doll. As Splinter was preaching to his sons, Hana noticed something weird about the pond in the Lair. Strange things were popping out of the water, making her somewhat nervous. But it wasn't just Hana's attention it gained.

It also gained the attention of her Uncle Mikey. Splinter frowned as he noticed his youngest son's attention had strayed from training again. “Michelangelo!! Where has your focus gone?” he ordered.

The aqua turtle pointed to the pond. “Um, over there sensei. Somethings coming out of the pond.”

All of the turtles frowned and the males got into defensive position. Hana whimpered and grasped at her Mikey doll. That was when the devices began making a strange noise that only Hana and Splinter could hear. And it was a painful noise. The old rat gasped in pain and tried to cover his ears. Leo and Don immediately went to their father while Raph all but teleported over to where his daughter was crying in pain.

Tears were falling from her face as she cried. Raph scooped her up in his arms, trying to calm the turtle tot. He murmured soothing words into her ear hole but she kept on crying. That was when the father heard one of his brothers say, “We have to get out of here. Whatever it is that is causing them pain must be something in the lair!”

The red banded turtle nodded and grabbed Hana's blanket. He wrapped his daughter in it and hurried over to the elevator where the rest of the family was. They quickly entered the garage and clambered into the Battle Shell. Mikey took the wheel as Leo and Don tried to help Splinter while Raph tried to calm Hana. She hadn't stopped crying. Instead, her crying intensified. “Daddy! Make it stop!! The noise hurts!!” she sobbed into his chest.

The emerald turtle fretted and wiped away her tears. “What noise Hana? Daddy can't hear anything.”

The purple banded turtle spoke up from one of the computers that was built into the armored truck. “It seems that there is some sort of frequency all over the city. Affecting only certain animals that can hear said frequency.”

Mikey piped up from the driver's seat. “Uh, so if it affects certain animals? From what I can tell, it is only affecting mammals. Cause rats are pouring out of the sewers like they were on fire.”

Leo looked out the window to see that Mikey was right. “So, why is it affecting Hana?” asked the fearless leader.

Don spoke, “I am betting it has something to do with the fact that she is young. Her hearing is a lot stronger than ours right now and that is why she can hear it.”

Raph growled and held onto the baby girl. She was still crying and it was making her father feel like he failed the child. He kept rubbing her back and shushing her. Leo looked on at that, worried about his brother and niece. True, he was more worried for his father. But soon, Mikey yelled out, “What the shell?!”

The other turtles in the backseat yelled out as the orange banded turtle quickly swerved into an alley to dodge the fire coming from the strange vehicles that had previously blocked their path. He then yelled, “We got missiles incoming!!! Hold onto your shells!!” He swerved again, making Hana squeak as her father's grip tightened.

But a missile poked through the roof of the truck and strange little orbs fell from it. Leo asked, “What are those things?”

Don replied, fear in his voice. “I don't know!!”

The orbs began to spew out a gas, making all of the conscious beings in the truck cough and hack. Mikey soon stopped the Battle Shell in an abandoned warehouse parking lot and Raph opened the back doors. He fell out of the truck, holding onto his daughter as she coughed. The only thought going through the emerald turtle's mind was 'Get Hana to safety.' But before he could make three feet from the truck, he passed out.

Hana cried out as her daddy hit the ground. She looked over her shoulder to see that her uncles made it out of the smoke filled vehicle but were passed out as well. Her violet eyes widened as she heard some vehicles approach. The little girl quickly got the now soaking wet blanket off of her and tried to wake her father. “Daddy! Daddy wake up!!”

She shook his shoulder but all he did was groan. There were several vehicles now and Hana was on the verge of freaking the fuck out. Men came pouring out of the armored vehicles. Men with weapons. The mutant child grasped onto her father's unconscious form, tears mixing with the rain. The men ignored her and the other turtles and went inside the Battle Shell.

Two men came out, dragging Splinter. Hana's eyes widened as she realized that they were going to take her Jiji away. Crying out, Hana grabbed one of her father's sai and threw it at one of the men that was holding onto the rat. He yelled as the weapon imbedded itself into his leg. His partner quickly reached for his gun but was stopped by Hana. She had ran at them and bit the man's hand.

The solider cursed as her teeth sank into his cloth covered flesh. The man that Hana threw the sai at ripped it from his leg and threw it to the side. His friend went to punch Hana but missed due to the fact that she let go, making him hit his own arm. The first man grabbed his gun, dropping Splinter. And that is what the turtle tot wanted. Moving faster than either human expected, the black haired turtle drop kicked at the man's knees, bringing his face to her height.

Pulling her fist back, Hana brought a right uppercut to his face. Putting all of her strength into it. His nose shattered under the force of it and he fell back. His buddy went to hit Hana but she spun around on her heel. Lashing her leg out, her foot connected with his crotch. He yelped in pain and fell to his knees. The white banded turtle tot reared her head back and smashed her forehead into his face. He was knocked out within seconds of it.

Hana heard a noise behind her and when she turned around, the butt of one of the soldier’s guns was meeting her face. Hana was lifted off of her feet from the force of it and hit the ground hard. The man holding onto the gun wiped the blood off of his nose and limped over to the now unconscious child. “Damn mutant freaks.” he muttered under his breath.

His partner was dragged back to one of the trucks and their target was brought aboard another. He moved his way to his leader. Their commander gave the word to kill all of the turtles. Glancing back, he looked at the little girl who fought to protect her family. He felt guilty of having to kill the family. The little girl looked like she would be one helluva soldier if she wasn't young and a mutant turtle. But all of thoughts that were swirling in the man's head soon disappeared as pain filled it. The last thing he heard was a strange roar...


Raph groaned as he came to. He heard Leo say, “Master Splinter!” and Leatherhead's reply.

“They abducted him. I am sorry. I couldn't stop them. Luckily the gas was non-lethal.”

“Which means whoever abducted your sensei wanted him alive.” said a new voice. One that the turtles knew all to well.

Mikey said, “Whoa. New threads Professor Honeycutt?”

While the robot spoke to the older male turtles, Raph looked around and saw that Hana was sleeping on Leatherhead's couch. The emerald turtle sighed in relief and went over to his daughter. She was sleeping soundly under a large purple blanket and was curled up. Her bandana was handing on a line of twine nearby, as well as her blanket.

That was when Raph noticed the bruise on her face. With shaking hands, Raph reached out and gently touched the swollen eye. Hana whimpered and cuddled deeper into the blanket. The emerald turtle growled softly and spoke to the mutant crocodile. “Leatherhead, explain why Hana as a bruise on her face.”

Leatherhead calmly walked up to the red banded turtle. “One of the soldiers had struck her with his gun as she tried to fight them off. Young Hana managed to fight off a couple of them. Most impressive.”

Raph just nodded and gently petted his daughter's head. Slowly standing, the tallest turtle growled out in a low voice. “They will pay. They will pay for hurting Hana and taking our father.”

Both Donnie and Mikey swallowed as they heard their older brother. His voice promised death to those who have angered him. That was when Don was reminded of the Angel Raphael and not the Artist that his red banded brother was named after. To be honest, it sometimes it terrified the younger turtles on how powerful Raph could be. Splinter would say that if Raph could control his temper, then he would be the strongest ninja out of them. Leo snapped the younger turtles out of it by asking Don a question...


Splinter came to with a groan as pain filled his head. A dark greasy voice spoke, “Good you're awake Master Splinter.” The last words were filled with sarcasm and venom.

“Bishop!” the old rat snarled out.

Said being came walking out of the shadows, looking like he didn't have a care in the world. Following the man was a strange hovering cage that had dark shadows within it. It made Splinter stare at it for a few seconds before the Government Agent regained his attention.

Bishop began speaking about how Splinter's DNA was going to help him and it made said rodent bored to an extent. His gaze fell onto the cage again. Most of the interior of it was shrouded by shadows but from what the mutant rat could tell, something or someone was inside it. The insane human saw that Splinter's attention was no longer on him but on the cage.

Bishop gave a grin and said, “I see that my first successful experiment has gained your attention. Allow me to introduce you to GCM-1.”

He waved his hand and the cage moved, making the interior no longer be shrouded. The old rat gasped in shock. For sitting in the farthest corner of the cage was a mutant child Only this one was different. Instead of being a mutant turtle tot, it was a mutant CROCODILE. Amber eyes shined with fear as the child looked at Bishop. Cuts and bruises littered the mutant and Splinter could see that it was curled up to protect most of it's internal organs from harm.

The ninja master couldn't help but say, “You foul beast!!! You dare play god and abuse this child?!”

The government agent just looked at the crocodile child and smirked. “Not abuse. Just, playing if you will. Isn't that right GCM-1?”

The child whimpered in fear, wrapping it's hands around it's broken tail. The mutant rat growled at the man, trying to figure out on how to escape with the child....


Leatherhead roared as he exited the subway car. He could hear the humans panicking as his turtle friends attacked. He heard Leonardo say, “Leatherhead! The door!”

Not even looking at the turtle leader, the mutant crocodile moved and caught the door. He strained to hold the heavy door open. “Hurry! I can't hold it!” he said over his shoulder. His friends used their ninja speed to move through the door and Leatherhead let it slam shut.

One of Bishop's soldiers said, “Okay freak. Turn and put your hands up.”

The mutant croc slowly stood to his 7'' height and opened his eyes. He let his animal side take over and attacked the humans...


The turtles soon arrived to Bishop's main genetics lab and saw that Splinter was in some sort of tube that was slowly filling with some sort of liquid. Bishop entered their eye sight, clapping as he did. “I'm surprised that you found me but it won't change anything.”

Raph and Leo went to attack the insane man but were stopped by his Slayer. Don, Mikey and Professor Honeycutt made their way to Splinter. The rat said, “Get the child too my sons!”

Mikey couldn't help but ask, “What kid?”

The android spoke. “Could it be that one over there?”

The two turtles looked at where the robot was pointing to see a hovering cage that had a mutant crocodile child sitting in it. Don's eyes were about to pop out of his head as Mikey said, “Holy Shit...”

Don agreed with him but went over to the cage. He used his bo staff to shatter the padlock on it and opened the door. Hopping into it, the olive skinned male slowly crept up to the terrified child. “Shush. It is okay. I've got you. Come on.”

The mutant child moved and that was when the purple banded ninja heard chains rattle. He looked down to see that a collar was wrapped around it's neck and it was chained to the cage. The usually calm turtle saw red and said, “RAPH! Need some help here!!”

The red banded male grunted. “Be there soon Donnie-boy!!! Bit busy myself!”

Leo sliced at the genetically advanced creature. “Mikey!! Trade off with Raph! NOW!!”

The aqua skinned turtle jumped away from where Professor Honeycutt was trying to get Splinter free to where his brothers were. The second Mikey arrived, Raph jumped to where Don was in a cage. The emerald turtle entered the metal box and saw why the scientist needed his help. He saw the chained mutant child and growled. Moving quickly, Raph slammed one of his sais into the lock of the collar and proceeded to pick it. The second the collar fell from the child, it tried to run to the other end of the cage. Only to be stopped by the chained cuff on one of it's wrists, Moving as fast as before, the tallest turtle unlocked that cuff.

The child looked up from it's free wrist to the older mutants. Don was smiling at it and said, “Let's get out of here ne?”

The child took Raph's outstretched hand and went with them...


Leaving the child with Professor Honeycutt, Raph and Don went over to where their other brothers were fighting Bishop's creation while their father fought Bishop himself. But apparently it was much harder than they thought. For not only was the damn thing genetically enhanced but god knew what but apparently it was a clone of Bishop. The turtles were on a whole new level of opponent as the Slayer could make itself invisible. Much to their ire. But Leo was the one who saw it try to go after Splinter.

Using his ninja training, he managed to get the Slayer in a holding tank. Screaming at the android, the blue banded turtle said, “Professor Honeycutt!! Seal the tank!!!”

Nodding, Professor Honeycutt raised a hand and placed it on the control panel. Bishop yelled, “NO!” as the robot activated the sealing process. The Slayer screamed inside the tank, becoming suspended in the liquid. But soon, it was a one on one fight with Bishop and Splinter. The wiser rat used his surroundings to his advantage. He managed to use Bishop to destroy the genetic machine and the explosion sent the government agent onto one of the many hooks that was hanging throughout the lab.

The turtles quickly looked away and Professor Honeycutt shielded the mutant child's eyes. For one that young did not need to see such a horrible death. Leo quickly went over to their father and said, “We have to get out of here!”

Another explosion ripped through the lab, causing a water tank to burst. But then the mutants (plus robot) heard Bishop speak, which was impossible. They turned to look at the hook he had been hanging off of to see that it was empty, dripping blood. They turned again to see the edges of his coat going up a ladder.

The blue banded turtle said, “After him!”

Mikey picked up the mutant child as carefully as he could and tore after his family and friend, escaping the genetics lab as fast as he could...


CUT!!!! That is a wrap!!! Whew, that took longer than I expected!!! But hey, it be a new chapter!!!!
Newest chapter of Lullaby!!!!! Please support the official release of TMNT
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